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The Legendary Item Thread (Last Update 19/4/17)
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Welcome back gift Big Grin
23.2.2015 - Naval Glaive
08.3.2015 - Naval Glaive
16.3.2015 - Fearsome
29.4.2017 - Volcanic Daggers

Faravin : The World Trade Center was on 11.9.1998

Faravin : ''How old were you in 2012?''
Tonic : ''I was born in 1997''
Idea Faravin : ''So you were 17''  Idea
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Umm okay :/
VLKA_Camaro: Warden
VLKA_Camaro_II: Royal Guard
VLKA_Camaro_III: Master Peltast
VLKA_Camaro_IV: Chosen Marksman

Bulwark of Swadia 10/04/2017
Bolt Tosser 10/04/2017
Ragnar's Wrath 29/04/2017


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