Nord Invasion Community Feedback and Suggestions thread 2017
Quick Suggestion;

How about we get craftable items as drops too?
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Consumable legendary items!!!

There are more leg's now than ever before, and it seems like there are less players to use them (can also be a great goldsink)
Slightly bump up drop rates, and make it consume lets say 3 wormbanes (+ 1 mil?) for 1 enhanced wormbane (eg +1 dmg and speed, or w/e balance is worthwhile but not op), there will be more drops/epicness, less leg's around, and a much larger progression ceiling without it being anymore steep. It would also be nice for higher levels to make use of stronger versions of lower tier leg's like enhanced dwarf axes.

If the enhanced items appear different, which would be epic:
The main counter argument i can think of is if the enhanced weapons have different textures (or even slightly recoloured), it'd slow loading time of the game, assuming many leg's have enhanced versions of them anyway.
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(19-10-2017, 06:59 PM)Bobo Wrote: That might be fun. Any ideas diversifying the gameplay are most welcome I'd say. I hope Devs will decide to try something like that.

Apparently, only you noticed my idea, all the others or found her delirious or just ignored her)
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Give Sentry/Sentinal +1 more athletics, the same way Aventurier gets +1 over the other xbow classes
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