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Full Version: Huge ID Gap
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I was wondering why The amount of IDs jumped from 20'000-ish to 2'000'000 and higher.
Were there some players just creating accounts for selling beginner equipment/abusing the system?

Or is it because of never used accounts?

Just Curious Tongue
SUrely not because of accounts that has been created by plpayers and never used. Just too many.
(on the other hand I wonder how it would look llike if we had millions of players here)
It seems to just increment. A friend and I have two consecutive IDs and we started on the same server and game/map years ago.

Observation and division doesn't show this to be particularly unexpected. Then account for test characters, characters that were deleted, etc.

Soldiers in the army (at time of this posting): 101357
Highest Character ID approximation subtracting the 1000 offset (character IDs aren't zero-indexed): 2499000
Average characters per player: ~24.66