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Full Version: 1.11.7 Client Release
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1.11.7 Client Release

Hello everyone,

We have a fine collection of new models, items, scene props, and all around bug fixes available.  We are also continuing our attempt to find a good balance for the number of build points available.  With this patch, we are trying out a flat 10 build points per wave (150 total).  The system has been adjusted to make fine tuning this number possible without needing more patches so depending on how runs go, this number might continue to change.  Finally, we have a new scene by Coconut being added to the rotation - Ruins of Asgad.  The full details are in the next post.

General changes:
  • Adjusted the barricade build preview to make building on areas that are higher than you easier.
  • Built points are now granted 10 per wave.
  • Barricades can once again be built on the deathmatch servers.
  • Tricksters can be auto-blocked again.
  • Bots attack Simple Barricades now.
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in players being cloned on respawn if they were resurrected after rejoining the server.
  • Disabled the name tag for Swadians that are controlling bots.
  • Added some missing item descriptions (the stats were already fine).
  • 118 new wooden scene props.

Item changes:
  • Checkered Heavy Lamellar: renamed to Ornate Scale Armour with a new model
  • Blessed Gilded Bear Armour: added damage reduction
  • Glory: +2 speed rating (78), +1 thrust (63p), melee changed from polearm to one-handed
  • Blessed Glory: +1 speed rating (79), +2 thrust (66p), +1 ammo (17), melee changed from polearm to one-handed
  • Head Crusher: -3 weight (3), -2 swing (47b)
  • Ironsong: +3 length (101)
  • Blessed Ironsong: +3 length (101)
  • Battle Hardened Leather Overmail: added damage reduction
  • marketplace bows: -1 thrust
    • Training Bow: -1 thrust (21p)
    • Nomad Bow: -1 thrust (22p)
    • Long Bow: -1 thrust (26p)
    • Khergit Bow: -1 thrust (24p)
    • War Bow: -1 thrust (28p)
  • Pride: texture improvement
  • Cursed Rupturers: +1 speed rating (81), +1 thrust (68p), +2 ammo (18)
  • Battle Honed Severance: -2 accuracy (158), -1 thrust (88c)
  • Slayer set: renamed to Savior set with new models
    • Savior Plate Armour: previously Slayer Armour, new model
    • Savior Helmet: previously Slayer Helmet, new model
    • Savior Gauntlets: previously Slayer Gloves, new model
    • Savior Greaves: previously Slayer Boots, new model
  • Yew Longbow: +2 thrust (30p)
  • Blessed Twigs of Yggdrasil: +1 speed rating (80), +1 thrust (65p), +2 ammo (17)
  • Volcanic Daggers: -4 speed rating (116), -2 thrust (56p), -3 ammo (22)
  • Raging Volcanic Daggers: -4 speed rating (119), -2 thrust (60p), -3 ammo (27)
  • Stormer Axes: scatter-aim corrected
  • Nord Long Bow: new model
  • Nord Strong Long Bow: new item
  • Arrow Hailer Bow: new model

The new crafting recipes will be available on the website shortly.

Scene changes:
  • Hande's Retreat: removed some gates that confused the bots
  • Hidden Cave: shifted the entrance to the player camp
  • Hidden Farm: cleared some vines from the entrance arch
  • Port Assault: the Nords are attacking from a different direction
  • Praven: adjusted some ai mesh
  • Swadian Overgrown: adjusted some ai mesh
  • Traders Valley: new camps have been constructed
  • Ruins of Asgad: a new addition to the rotation
Can't wait to build some tree houses in deathmatch (and obviously some of the other features look great). Thanks for the update

Thanks for buffing Yew Longbow
Leviathan's Helmet. Can't believe this day came.
Can‘t believe the volcanic daggers got nerfed again. That hurts to see.
Anyway, thanks for the effort you guys put into the game!
Hmm, nice to see this update came but i have some questions ill leave for a post later.

The main question ill ask here.

For the event Winter is running as the reward can we ask for new stuff that was just added even tho 0 are ingame?
(13-07-2019, 03:29 AM)Kip Wrote: [ -> ][*]Tricksters can be auto-blocked again.

it was great, and now it's gonna be beating babies.

apart from this fatal error, this is a great update. Thanks
Thanks for your work!

(Lets see what Terath ended up with Wink)
(13-07-2019, 07:35 AM)Julia. Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for your work!

(Lets see what Terath ended up with Wink)

No matter what he ended up with its better than what it was.

It was retextured tr3 armour lol.
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