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Full Version: New Inventory Page
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Its been a very long time coming (it was mentioned when I joined NI), but there is now finally an actual inventory page!

Visually it's very similar to the market and offers the same filter options, but it has a button to enable and disable selling - this should hopefully help some accidents!

Elsewhere, we have had to shave a couple of letters of other titles here and there, but this should not affect any functionality.

Regarding the future updates to the site, I can say there is quite a number of things being worked on. A lot of "simple" changes have incredibly deep knock-on effects on the site as a whole which then results in a massive project to completely rethink how we do things, such as when is a house not a house? But, there is still stuff being worked on!

However, I would like to encourage you all to yell loudly below - I'm curious what is the most requested change and what would result in the biggest differences to folks. And of course, what you do/don't like about the new page.

It's looking good, thanks for your work.
So much more comfortable, than before.
Nice little update.

-A way you can switch class ingame without leaving the server and joining again.

-Open inventory. 1 inventory rather than many. (Give us the option to make storage accounts tho)

-Don't need to leave your house to trade with someone.

-A page on the website that shows all the items and stats and how to craft it or loot it. I would want this to replace the threads on the forum given normal people can never keep up. E.G. If I run the legendary stats thread the only way I can get those stats is by asking people or having the item.

-On mobile being able to use the normal website.
(15-07-2020, 03:42 AM)Woody Wrote: [ -> ]-Don't need to leave your house to trade with someone.

I think this would be a very much appreciated feature to have, but i think it would be cool to have a little extra 'feature' along with it some along the lines of a gold requirement for 'The Messenger' to delivery the trade ... something along those lines if that makes sense?
I may as well say what I like from Kaas tampermonkey script In order -->

  1. Server Browser
  2. Button to add all items or all materials to a trade.
  3. Autocraft.
  4. Inventory Page
  5. Store characters with their ID's to easily invite them.
  6. Preview your gear and convert it to BB code.
  7. Shows lowest price in auction hall per item
  8. Track certain items on the auction hall.
  9. Sort entries in the auction hall by price.
  10. Character Presets
no more Marketplace > Sell your items...
I agree with woody, would it be possible to make Kaas' features from the script default to the NI site?

At this point can we have the health bar script added into NI xoxo
(15-07-2020, 08:19 AM)Fendi Wrote: [ -> ]At this point can we have the health bar script added into NI xoxo

Personally I would rather a system that we can see all damage numbers from all players vs "health bar script". This way people can't tell exactly how much hp the boss has but they have a better idea of how low he would be then atm.  

Example of damage numbers -->

Even If you don't like that idea I would rather no one had the health bar script but If some have It everyone should have It.
Thanks for the work Nao!
@Woody - is it not cheating to just copy Kaas's NI# ideas? Wink

I'm liking the ideas though. And a number of them already have tickets for them, some directly, some indirectly. But do keep them coming.
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