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Full Version: An End to Leaderless Houses
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Hello all and welcome to the latest episode of NI's "far-too-late-to-the-scene" changes (please comment if you have a better title!).

Today's new public feature is... the end of leaving houses without leaders!

From now on, if you are a leader and you leave your house you will be required to set a new leader:
[Image: YAbvbey.png]

You will be required to select one of the existing members of your house to pass on the role to. And if you have no other members for some reason, you will be warned that leaving will dissolve your house.

For non-leaders, you will also see a similar screen which replaces the old pop-up box you may be used to but is functionally the same as it was.

Hopefully this should reduce the number of accidents and forum posts!

Elsewhere, we have made a few more changes to the backend, including an upgrade to the version of php we have been using (its less interesting but if I run out of regular updates I might detail some of these changes).

But for today, thus ends the update on the new public features.

Small update - big impact. That's super nice!
finally thx
Short term it was probably not worth the work but long term is a different story.

Nice to see attention given to a small problem that a lot of people over the years have had to deal with.
Thanks for your work!
Anyway we cant leave house now it's not possible to leave house now
I can see the work continues, really nice Nao, looking forward for what's coming next Smile
Figured it's better to post it here...
Thank you for the hard work. But for now it seems that houses upon change of leader will lose their crafting level. Is this an intended feature where a new leader's supposed to start from scratch or a glitch during the course of editing/coding? Smile
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