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Full Version: Legendary Upgrades - March 2021
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We're marching onward with more upgrade blueprints.

This time, the previous round of upgrade recipes will remain up through March 3rd UTC.
[Image: FDCFE43D2CB2C9E9D15C367408A3DE30770202A3][Image: 1E03934E6F4FC89C94320E72765C1119132FD754]
How many prides are there in game anyway?
Like 5?
I've never seen anyone with pride for 2 years so upgrading pride is a utopia
Still hasn't been on rotation since 2019, and who knows, maybe it will drop Wink

Also thanks Kip Smile
(02-03-2021, 09:25 AM)Julia. Wrote: [ -> ]Also thanks Kip Smile

I didn't want to dissapoint you by saying that but Hodur is broken at dropping Prides Sad
Just wait until the end of march or maybe may, in that time it will drop, no worries.
Or not. Legendaries are supposed to be rare. The market is just flooded by all the other legs so that they became common in our eyes. At least the pride can keep its rarity and that's nice.
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