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Full Version: Legendary Upgrades - February 2022
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Upgrade recipes for February have been unlocked.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.
Thanks!! Smile
[Image: attacker_ico_sm.png] Attacker
[Image: defender_ico_sm.png] Defender
Level 30     » Battle Hardened Tower Shield
    » Battle Honed Steel Stinger
    » Blessed Zephyr
    » Raging Ailadrodd
    » Raging Rebellion
    » Raging Tempest
    » Battle Hardened Defender Helmet
    » Battle Hardened Dragon Helmet
    » Battle Hardened White Dragon Helmet
    » Cursed Tiger Scale Armour

Level 28     » Cursed Scorn     » Battle Hardened Ornate Bascinet
    » Cursed Leviathan's Guard

Level 25     » Cursed Ancient Greatsword
    » Raging Hurricane
Thx Kip