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Full Version: Swadia's first House Tournament! (EU server)
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Brave and loyal Swadians! The Nord advance appears to have slowed down (something about me sending them lots of kegs of Fosters and now they're all really ill) so we see an opportunity to hold some festivities to raise our troops' morale. It is therefore with great delight that I declare we will holding our first House tournament!

Our genius Hande has provided an epic map for the event and the Swadian nobility are looking forward to seeing the houses battle to claim the title of Champions of the Realm! We will be heading over to the neutral Sarranid Sultanate as their cities have not been ravaged by those nasty Nords!

This event will require a lot of planning and scrict adherence to our guidelines and rules. Failure to do so will result in a short walk to the executioners block (a 2 month ban minimum). It is therefore in your interests to read the following information very carefully.

Ok, based on region, potential numbers and day preferred, I have Round 1! Apologies to VLKA but the only other Aussie house is slightly smaller than yours, but if you get to round 2 there may be an opportunity to field a larger team!

[Image: Hk9O5ud.png]

[Image: 7Mp5KW4.png]

[Image: WnDihtY.png]

[Image: cWUkXkQ.png]
I would love to get this tournament started as soon as possible, so if any of the houses that are marked down for next saturday are able to fight tomorrow then that would be perfect! Houses that are marked down for this sunday, I hope you can all manage it!

Can House leaders please work out what time they are able to have their house online and ready to play and post it here in this thread!

Regarding player numbers, if you think your numbers are going to be greater or smaller than the numbers you have submitted to me then please discuss numbers WITH YOUR OPPONENT FIRST! It will be so much easier for me if you guys sort it amongst yourself (I am crazy busy!!!)

In regards to what weapons and armours you want, can the house leader please work this out and then send SENNI a PM and include your character ID in the message please! Equipment will be delivered to the leader to distribute amongst their house.

Down to the rules of the tournament: it will be the first to win 3 rounds, as in the best of 5 rounds wins. I appreciate that this may seem short to you but there are so many matches etc to get through and so much time will be wasted by players getting ready, disconnecting etc etc. Failure to attend will constitute forfeit!

General Rules
  • First and foremost, the tournament will be on a deathmatch server. This means you can kill your teammates (be careful!) but also means that spectators etc can attack each other. Any player that kills another player that is not competing in the arena will be banned.
  • You will listen to the developer team or be removed from the server.
  • You will not attack another player until the presiding Lord declares the match to begin.
  • All players not competing will head to the spectator areas provided.
  • Players will NOT bring weapons onto the server. Only competitors with regulation equipment will be allowed.
  • While some inter-house rivalry is encouraged, trolling/swearing/being a twat is not allowed. The same rules apply for language as on any other server.
  • Teamspeak will be mandatory for this event. There will be many instructions given out over TS and imperative that all players listen and obey.

House Rules
  • Only House Leaders are allowed to post on the sign up thread.
  • There will be an absolute maximum of 25 players per House. This is dictated by map features and size. Concrete numbers will be confirmed closer to the event.
  • Your House will be told how many players it can bring to the event after signing up. It's not fair to have 25 v 8. Do not complain when we tell you how many players you can bring or you will be removed from the competition.
  • The House leader will decide how to pick his team and will inform us when requested who his troop will comprise of.
  • We will provide to the House leader the equipment required for his team based on the information he provides us.
  • Use of non regulation gear will result in disqualification.
  • Your team will be assigned either Red or Green equipment. Use it and only it or be disqualified.
  • Combat will only commence when the presiding Lord declares the fight started.
  • Players equipment will be checked by the arena gaolers before the fight. If players have the wrong equipment, the whole House will suffer my wrath(wraith).
  • Competitors will remain beside their allocated elevator until the gaoler orders the team into position.
  • Any competitor that misses the elevator will miss that round of the match.

Equipment List
  • Tournament gear will be provided to the Houses
  • [/li]


  • 9 champions in the arena, 1 from each house
  • Tournament gear!
  • No fighting until told to start
  • Each champion should be with his back to the wall at the beginning, away from the other champions.
  • It will be Free for all
  • Lowest scoring Champion after 3 rounds is eliminated along with his house.

  • 100,000 gold to the House bank
  • 2 free levels of House Crafting
  • A selection of normal and hard mode crafting items including some "rare" drops
  • Mystery goodies...


The NI Family
Seems like a wonderful idea  ;D

Thank you Hypernoma and the rest of the dev team who has helped to make this thing or any other feature of NordInvasion a reality

Sincerely, Stars
Sounds Awesome Guy's.

On a side note everyone can just give up now, as VLKA's going to win.  ;D
I have to agree with awesome. Also , What a nice idea!
Glad you like it, we're pretty excited for it Big Grin
[Image: 2IDQiXW.gif]
OMG house battles been waiting every since i've played NI for this!!!!
Sounds very interesting!
I am very exited for this  Big Grin
Can't wait to cheer for my favourite players and house.
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