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Forum Enhancements - Kip - 21-05-2019


We have made some changes and additions to the forum to make navigating the various boards and topics more convenient.

- Images now scale to fit the page rather than forcing a horizontal scroll bar.
- The profile portion of each post now shows all the groups a user belongs to rather than just the primary group.
- The forum is now Tapatalk enabled.
- Various boards have been moved or merged into others to remove duplication and doubt about where to post or find topics.

A few of the more noticeable board changes are listed here: The very long "NordInvasion - Get Involved" section has been split into "Discussions" and "Houses & Marketplace" sections.  The "Classes" sub-boards have been moved to "Strategies and Guides".  "NordInvasion Discussion" is now "General Discussion".  There were many other minor changes to board names but they are less drastic for the most part.

Tapatalk is a mobile app for both iOS and Android which makes navigating the forum much easier.  Beyond fitting the forum on a smaller screen, it also makes creating and replying to posts and PMs much easier without having to deal with small links and awkward text fields.  It can also provide notifications for incoming PMs or replies to threads you have subscribed to.  Naturally, the standard forum is still available, this just means you have another options.

Here is a list of the group images which have been added to the forum:
[Image: donator.gif]
[Image: contributor.png] [Image: majorcontributor.png]
[Image: adminrecruit.png] [Image: gameadmin.png] [Image: retiredadmin.png]
[Image: senioradmin.png]
[Image: developer.png] [Image: seniordeveloper.png] [Image: retireddeveloper.png]
[Image: boardmoderator.png] [Image: globalmoderator.png]

Thanks to Xen for working out which mods to use, creating the images, and testing everything ahead of time.

If you see anything out of place (such as the occasional double-tag on some people's profiles), let us know.

- Kip and the NI Team

Re: Forum Enhancements - Xen - 25-01-2016

Woo forum changes!

Re: Forum Enhancements - Horakti - 25-01-2016

Great group images! thanks.  8)

Re: Forum Enhancements - Woody - 25-01-2016

rip boxes ow wait  :o

Would be cool if made it had it own group image

[Image: 98329b0dd0831d3305af98b6cb079419.png]

Re: Forum Enhancements - [UK]_Kaas - 25-01-2016

Looks really nice.

I'm very happy to find that tapatalk, is available for Windows Phone 10. It almost never is.


Re: Forum Enhancements - GrafBlade - 25-01-2016

Hello, screenshots or any other pictures do not load anymore since the enhancements have been made. Though, this only happens on the standard browser on my smartphone (everything works fine on chrome). I'm asking as I'm mostly browsing the forum with my smartphone and not on my PC.
Is that TapaTalk the only way to solve the problem?

Re: Forum Enhancements - Xen - 25-01-2016

Hmm, these all work fine on my phone, not sure why or how this'll happen. What phone do you have?

Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk

Re: Forum Enhancements - Calipia - 25-01-2016

its fine Big Grin

Re: Forum Enhancements - DeadOtter - 25-01-2016

Great changes guys keep up the work Big Grin

Re: Forum Enhancements - GrafBlade - 25-01-2016

(25-01-2016, 12:40 PM)Xen link Wrote: Hmm, these all work fine on my phone, not sure why or how this'll happen. What phone do you have?

Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk

I'm using a HTC Desire 500 with Android 4.1.2

To clarify, everything works on chrome, but I don't want to use chrome to browse the forum  Wink