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Warband Update - Completed - Naozumi - 18-12-2016

As you may be aware Taleworlds are publishing a new update to Warband. We are expecting that this will be released tomorrow (Monday 19th Tuesday 20th December) around 1800GMT 1000GMT. This update will include a Server Update and so once it is released there will be some downtime as we update our servers and ensure that everything is working.

Please be aware that we have not had any access to the server updates prior to their release so, whilst we do not anticipate any issues, the possibility does exist. We will try to get the servers back online as soon as possible and ask that any bugs be reported using the forum in the usual manner.

EDIT: TaleWorlds have delayed the release till Tuesday 10AM. This is likely to result in a longer downtime so please bear with us as we try to get this updated.
EDIT 2: All updates have been completed as of today, 21/12/2016.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

/Naozumi & the NI Team

RE: Warband Update - Bobo - 19-12-2016

Ty for info, in case something brakes we shall patiently wait for things to be back online. Wink

RE: Warband Update - Kip - 19-12-2016

TaleWorlds has delayed the release of their update to Tuesday 20th at around 1000GMT.

RE: Warband Update - DELAYED - Bartus - 20-12-2016


RE: Warband Update - DELAYED - LordChaos - 20-12-2016

So the invasion mode that they've added up is some sort of copy? Or is it based on their invasion mod for Viking Conquest Reforged?

RE: Warband Update - DELAYED - Kaasovic - 20-12-2016

Its like the one in with fire and sword

RE: Warband Update - DELAYED - LordChaos - 20-12-2016

It's almost harvesting season !

RE: Warband Update - DELAYED - Bobo - 20-12-2016

Meh, I didn't try it so I may be mistaken, but it seems to me there's nothing very special in creating an invasion mod in 2016 while we've all have been enjoying a damn good one here for years. NI rocks! Big Grin

RE: Warband Update - DELAYED - LordChaos - 21-12-2016

I tried it, and they spam "It's almost harvesting season !" Probably as an easter egg for Bannerlord Smile

RE: Warband Update - DELAYED - Bobo - 21-12-2016

Except the abovementioned spamming about harvest, did you like it? How does it compare to NI ?