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1.4.4 Client Release - Kip - 12-01-2017

1.4.4 Client Release

Please Note: Servers are currently offline whilst we work on a minor issue with the updates. Sorry - they will be back shortly.

There is not much to say about this update.  Although a ton of stuff was changed, it was all behind the scenes to remove stray script errors, improve reliability of various messages, and standardize some of the random ways we do things.  That said, here are the more notable changes not buried deep in code...
  • Corrected the dimensions of the Swadian Throwing Daggers to avoid lag.
  • Made a few adjustments to the Black Steel Daggers also to avoid lag.
  • Map updates...
    • Hypers Hell
    • Swadian Overgrown
  • New map: River's Conflict
There was also a major cleanup in the model/texture department.  If something lost it's texture, let please let us know.

- The NI Team

RE: 1.4.4 Client Release - Alpha - 12-01-2017


Thanks for all the work which will not be visible by all Smile
Keep it up!

RE: 1.4.4 Client Release - LordChaos - 12-01-2017

Great job ! Thanks a lot for your work Smile.

Small report:

- Xp and gold rewards are showing up and spamming the O chat, tomes & barrels aswell. Unless it is intended?
- Huge debug errors spamming whenever we enter a server filling the chat for 5 minutes ?

RE: 1.4.4 Client Release - Kip - 12-01-2017

Non-chat text in the O chat is not intended. I should be able to fix it without much trouble though.
If you could get a screenshot of some of those errors, that would be helpful. Probably don't need to see them all since most times it ends up being the same ones over and over.
It is quite late now so I'll take a look later.

RE: 1.4.4 Client Release - LordChaos - 12-01-2017

No problem, I'll share it later when I'll get on TS. Thanks a lot btw, the models seems fixed and no more errors, not even when scrolling though the items. Didn't check for some items but I'll let you know Smile.

RE: 1.4.4 Client Release - Kriegstofu - 12-01-2017

talking with t or y/z does not show up script error messages (but U does). also stair textures on maps like the first defence are missing.

Also pls change illustrious texture pls :3

global chat U works in DM server

RE: 1.4.4 Client Release - theRooZ - 12-01-2017

Attached a picture with some noice script errors :p

RE: 1.4.4 Client Release - Naozumi - 12-01-2017

Hi all, please note that the servers are currently offline whilst we try to resolve the aforementioned issues. Apologies for this but we want to ensure you are getting the best play experience. We hope to have them back online shortly!

RE: 1.4.4 Client Release - Billy M8 - 12-01-2017

Any news on the servers?

RE: 1.4.4 Client Release - Kip - 12-01-2017

I've brought back the servers for more testing but the chat colours are still wrong. I see where it is breaking and am working out the best way to fix it. The servers are "playable" but reading chat is nearly impossible.

I'll post again once I have a fix ready.

Update 1: I have something worked out for the chat colours and script warnings. Taking a quick look at O chat to see if I can take care of that at the same time.
Update 2: O chat is fixed. Packaging everything up for an update now.