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1.4.5 Client Release - Kip - 12-01-2017

1.4.5 Client Release

This should fix all the chat problems introduced in 1.4.4.
Chat colours should work as expected and the O chat log should only show chat messages - no xp.
Another update will be coming to take care of any texture issues once we build up a list.
Sorry for the inconvenience of all that chat spam.

- Kip and the NI Team

RE: 1.4.5 Client Release - Bobo - 12-01-2017

Np at all, you dealed with the matter swiftly. Thanks for the good work.
Can't wait to see the new map Big Grin

RE: 1.4.5 Client Release - Rook - 13-01-2017

Btw, did Thor get a buff? He pretty much kills shielders in 1 hit... no matter what the healer does.

RE: 1.4.5 Client Release - Mr.Peso - 13-01-2017

Thor's aoe did take 90% of my health (Pavise, Black Armor, Swadian Gaunts) in one tick on 2 runs.
I hope its a bug.

EDIT: Jotnes do 90% through my shield in 1 hit (Tower shield, same gear as mentioned before).
          Something seems a little broken Big Grin

RE: 1.4.5 Client Release - Kip - 13-01-2017

I'll be looking into the AoE and crush-through today.