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New Class Tree Layout - Kip - 02-02-2017

Hello everyone,

With the recent addition of the mobile version of our website, there are still a few areas that need adjustment to work properly. First up is the character class selection system.

You can now see all your options in advance without having to unlock any classes first. In addition, each tier has a progress bar so you can see how far you are from the next tier or even the last tier. Perhaps most important for mobile, there is no longer a pop-up which extends off the side of the screen. Everything shrinks down to fit the width of the page.

- Kip and the NI Team

RE: New Class Tree Layout - Kriegstofu - 02-02-2017

inb4 first

saves all these Outdated Progression Threads maker time and allows people to see the changes between different classes. Also nice to know the level of Support.

Well done Kip and the NI Team!