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Updated Item Images - Kip - 20-02-2017

Hello everyone,

Thanks to some hard work from Nka19, the item preview images used on the website have gotten a major update.

Besides adding images for new items and updating outdated images for items whose models or textures have changed, the style of the ammo images has been changed to show both the projectile and the quiver.

[Image: black_arrow.png] [Image: HA_bolt.png] [Image: jarid_new.png]

There are a few items (such as Bolts, Steel Bolts, and Heavy Bolts) which have not been updated yet because of shared bolt models (they all read the same image) but different quivers. They will be updated later.

Thanks again Nka19!

- Kip and the NI Team

RE: Updated Item Images - Woody - 20-02-2017

Nka plz get good Tongue
[Image: b3c47704205277699d64b316e760ea3e.png]

Also (Gold) v
[Image: 1384b819040dc2e8061fb5533c2af733.png]
[Image: 031c78b2b3aace7688165119abb7fe68.png]

RE: Updated Item Images - justEvil Kitten - 20-02-2017

Nice work Tongue

RE: Updated Item Images - Camaro - 20-02-2017

Ahhh so thats why they changed. Nice work

RE: Updated Item Images - Bobo - 20-02-2017

Thanks for the work done, appreciated, NI Team and NKA most of all Smile

RE: Updated Item Images - Kaasovic - 20-02-2017

I want the old ones back just kidding. good jab.

RE: Updated Item Images - Nka19 - 20-02-2017

I've tracked down as many as I could. There's a chance something is missing somewhere from normal profession craftables. The legendaries + house craftables should all be up to date.

If anyone notices any missing or wrong model pictures, please report them here and not on this thread.


RE: Updated Item Images - LordChaos - 20-02-2017

Great work Smile