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1.6.0 Client Release - Winter - 15-05-2017

Good news everyone!

As always, the great Swadian nation has been constantly working to improve our tactics and strengthen our men.  There are now four new training options for hero classes: Juggernaut, Hoplite, Repeaterman, and Sentry.  Each new hero class has at least one item of each tier: marketplace, personal crafting, house crafting, and legendary.  There have been so many legendary items added in recent patches that I've lost count of how many you have left to find.  Good luck!

Because existing items were moved to Juggernaut and Repeaterman, every character with a commando or crossbow hero class has been granted a "hero token".  This token can be used to exchange your current hero class with another in the same tree at no cost.  If you wish to change trees entirely, you may perform a normal character respec and the token will allow you to unlock any hero class with no gold cost (the normal xp requirements still apply).  You can view your hero tokens on the settings page of eligible characters.

Better strength training has also been incorporated into the training regiment, particularly wrist exercises.  Soldiers can now use the one handed mode of their bastard weapons far more effectively.  Even the powerful Mjolnir can, with great strength, be wielded in a single hand.  Press X to swap between bastard and one handed mode (Mjolnir switches between two handed and one handed).

For better or for worse, the Grinder Helmets of old have been reprocessed into stronger, lighter bascinets for our soldiers.  Legionnaires can make use of these modified helmets.

Hero Classes:

Juggernaut: the blacksmiths have been hard at work creating stronger armors that push the limits of human endurance.  The result is impressive - full suits of heavy hardened steel plates that still allow the users to maintain their mobility.  This Hero has been trained not only to use such heavy armors, but also to better use infantry weapons in such an encumbering shell.

Hoplite: it has been made clear that some of the most feared weapons on the battlefield are those with some reach to them.  However, sometimes soldiers would prefer the safety of the shield.  Our answer are specialized one handed spears partnered with sturdy round shields that allow for superior versatility.  The Hoplite has access to specialized spears with high one handed speeds that can be used in two handed mode for a little more speed and power.  However, they cannot block in one handed mode, a shield is required.

Repeaterman: increased trade with the east has brought us great new technology.  Our repeater crossbows have been fine tuned to have greatly increased accuracy at the cost of taking longer to reload and having a slightly slower shooting speed.  Our crossbowmen required specialized training to properly use these powerful new machines of war.

Sentry: for some reason, our archers have always been partial to two handed swords.  Some may say it is all in the aesthetic, others say it just feels safe to have a large, sharp piece of metal on your back to ward off nasty assassins.  Either way, we have incorporated lessons from our two hand sword specialists to help train these soldiers to use their preferred melee weapons.  As an added bonus, lighter, faster swords have been developed that can also be switched into a second mode where soldiers can perform overhead stabs.

RE: 1.6.0 Client Release - Winter - 15-05-2017

Hero Class Stats:

+ Hoplite: 50 one handed, 40 two handed, 25 polearm, 3 power strike, 4 shield
+ Juggernaut: 30 one handed, 24 two handed, 30 polearm, 65 crossbow, 1 power throw, 2 power strike, 4 iron flesh, 2 athletics, 2 shield
+ Repeaterman: 50 one handed, 40 two handed, 25 polearm, 20 crossbow, 1 power strike, 3 ironflesh, 1 athletics, 1 shield
+ Sentry: 50 one handed, 140 two handed, 15 archery, 6 power strike, 1 ironflesh, 2 athletics, 1 shield
* Royal Guard: 3 ironflesh (-1) to make room for Juggernaut

Juggernaut Locked Items:

* Swadian Heavy Surcoat: 35 weight, 65 body, 28 leg, marketplace
+ Plated Chainmail: 35 weight, 74 body, 34 leg, personal crafting (Transitional Armour recipe)
+ Reinforced Halfplate: 32 weight, 80 body, 40 leg, house crafted (Swadian Halfplate recipe)
* Defender Armour: +2 body (84), +2 leg (44)
* Defender set: class lock
* Defender Helmet: -10 head (76)
* Valsgarde Helmet: +1 head (76), +2 weight (3)

Hoplite Locked Items:

+ Standard Hoplite Shield: 2 weight, 1000 hp, 40 armor, 95 speed, 42w x 36h, marketplace
+ Steel Hoplite Shield: 2 weight, 1100 hp, 43 armor, 95 speed, 40w x 40h, personal crafting (Royal Shield recipe)
+ Ornate Hoplite Shield: 2 weight , 1250 hp, 45 armor, 95 speed, 45w x 45h, house crafting (Aegis recipe)

+ Simple Spear: 3 weight, 163 length, 90 speed, 35 pierce, marketplace 1 Hand mode: 99 speed, 39 pierce
+ Black Steel Spear: 3 weight, 167 length, 92 speed, 44 pierce, personal crafting (Sarissa recipe) 1 Hand mode: 101 speed, 48 pierce
+ Whitewood Spear: 3 weight, 173 length, 94 speed, 50 pierce, house crafting (Partizan recipe) 1 Hand mode: 103 speed, 55 pierce

Repeaterman Locked Items:

* Simple Repeater Crossbow: 18 speed rating (-2), 70 accuracy (+10), 4 max ammo (+1), moved to the marketplace
* Repeater Crossbow: 20 speed rating (-5), 75 accuracy (+25), 5 max ammo (-1), moved to personal crafting (Arbalest recipe)
* Eastern Repeater Crossbow: 22 speed rating (-8), 80 accuracy (+15), 6 max ammo (-1)
* Ailadrodd: 26 speed rating (-9), 90 accuracy (+5), 8 max ammo (-2)

The models for the Repeater Crossbow and Eastern Repeater Crossbow have been exchanged.
Everyone with a Repeater Crossbow now has an Eastern Repeater Crossbow.
Everyone with a Simple Repeater Crossbow now has a Repeater Crossbow.

Sentry Locked Items:

+ Aged Estoc: 1.5 weight, 119 length, 99 speed, 36 cut, 33 pierce, marketplace Thrust mode: 35 pierce
+ Steel Estoc: 1.5 weight, 117 length, 103 speed, 46 cut, 44 pierce, personal crafting (Talhoffer recipe) Thrust mode: 46 pierce
+ Elegant Estoc: 1.5 weight, 121 length, 105 speed, 58 cut, 50 pierce, house crafting (Avenger recipe) Thrust mode: 52 pierce

Bastard Weapons:
= Elegant Bastard Sword [Bastard] 101 speed, 118 length, 60 cut, 44 pierce
+ Elegant Bastard Sword [1 Hand] 95 speed, 118 length, 56 cut, 38 pierce
= Harbinger [Bastard] 93 speed, 85 length, 52 blunt
+ Harbinger [1 Hand] 87 speed, 85 length, 48 blunt
= Severance [Bastard] 105 speed, 79 length, 64 cut
+ Severance [1 Hand] 100 speed, 79 length, 58 cut
* Aurora Blade [Bastard] 64 cut (+4), 46 pierce (+2), locked to Commando heros
* Aurora Blade [1 Hand] 60 cut (+4)
= Mjolnir [2 Hand] 89 speed, 75 length, 60 blunt
+ Mjolnir [1 Hand] 85 speed, 75 length, 56 blunt

Other Items:
+ Steel War Axe: 1.5 weight, 94 speed, 77 length, 44 cut, personal crafting (Steel Sword recipe)
* Ancient Greatsword: 16 weight (+6), 70 cut (+2), 88 speed (-2)
* Eastern Katana: 64 cut (+2), archer hero locked (yes, that means it is red now)
* Volundr Greatsword: 66 cut (+1)
* Ornate Bascinet: 2.00 weight (-0.75)
+ Griffon Bascinet: 0.5 weight, 71 head, Legionnaire locked

All Grinder Helmets have been replaced with the Griffon Bascinet.
Model and/or texture updates for the Simple Repeater Crossbow, Repeater Crossbow, Ailadrodd, Fiendish Bow, Lionhide Boots, and Schlachtschwerter.
Renamed all items including "Armor" to "Armour".
Renamed "Transitional Armour" to "Transitional Armour - Blue" and "Imperial Armour Red/Blue" to "Imperial Armour - Red/Blue" to match the other names.
Various new legendaries have been added.

General Changes:
  • Adjusted the erratic spawn numbers on wave 11 of Cavalry mode.
  • Destroyed barricades will now be invisible (no more flying barricades in the sky).
  • Fixed an in-game item duplication bug.
  • Fixed the bot-kicking blacklist.
  • Resurrection Tomes will not be consumed if they are used when nobody is dead.  Instead, they just drop on the ground.
  • The usage timer of the feeding trough has been changed from 14 to 10 seconds to fix the progress bar delay and to match the other props.
  • Thor's Mjolnir now damages all barricades and platforms. The amount of damage varies with the distance from the attack.

  • Caravan Ambush (nord spawn)
  • Hidden Farm (new)
  • Hyper's Hell (reworked)
  • Kattegat (new)
  • Keancuop Forest (new)
  • Offshore (extended player area)
  • Swadian Temple (extended player area)
Bug Fixes:
  • Ancient Bastion
  • Coastal Raid
  • Fortress Outskirts
  • Fortress Under Siege
  • Frosthaven
  • Graubergen
  • Hande's Retreat
  • Hidden Cave
  • Hyper's Castle
  • King of the Hill
  • King's Castleyard
  • King's Reach
  • Lake Town
  • Mountain Outpost
  • Mountain Pass
  • Nordic Fortress
  • Nordic Village
  • Port Assult
  • Praven
  • River's Conflict
  • Swadian Bay
  • Swadian Castle
  • Swadian City
  • Swadian Folly
  • Swadian Great Hall
  • Swadian Hamlet
  • Swadian Keep
  • Swadian Mines
  • Swadian Night Raid
  • Swadian Town
  • Swadian Village
  • The First Defense
  • Yalen Retreat

RE: 1.6.0 Client Release - Soviet - 15-05-2017

Makes up for Coconut bumping the 1.5.0 thread, that's for sure. Thanks for the patch

RE: 1.6.0 Client Release - VM_Sargent_X - 15-05-2017

Thank you now I have to go respec and try out the Mjolnr

RE: 1.6.0 Client Release - Faravin - 15-05-2017

Thanks for the patch. Hype is real.
[Image: 496477b62d942f7486ce03e1ab1ee388.png]

RE: 1.6.0 Client Release - Rowan - 15-05-2017

Renamed all items including "Armor" to "Armour".


RE: 1.6.0 Client Release - Looter - 15-05-2017

Finnally after ages of waiting, maps updated and not sitting in a folder collecting dust!

RE: 1.6.0 Client Release - Soviet - 15-05-2017

I can't equip Onyx Bolts, Studded Gauntlets or Siege Helmet on my Repeaterman. Is that supposed to happen?

RE: 1.6.0 Client Release - Winter - 15-05-2017

(15-05-2017, 02:14 AM)Soviet Wrote: I can't equip Onyx Bolts, Studded Gauntlets or Siege Helmet on my Repeaterman. Is that supposed to happen?
It is taking a little bit of time to run all of the database commands. The new hero classes cannot yet use items that are locked to the other 3 heroes of the tree.

RE: 1.6.0 Client Release - Looter - 15-05-2017

Also please selfishly buff Heroes Trust, it's hero locked but only has +1 cut over a steel cutter or vengeance which is commando lock. Or move it down to light blue to join similar stat weps