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Swadian New Year Tournament - Winter - 21-12-2017

Hello NI community!

To start off the New Year with a Yang, the NI team will (force me to) host a tournament over the weekend starting January 5th!  This tournament will have 8 separate categories hosted twice, once on an EU server and once on an NA server.  These brackets will be single elimination with first place getting three points, second place getting two, and the two runner ups getting one point each.  The four players with the most points accumulated across all 16 brackets will win not only fame and glory, but also several awesome prizes:
1st place - 5,000,000 gold and legendary of choice
2nd place - 3,000,000 gold and legendary of choice
3rd place - 1,500,000 gold and legendary of choice
4th place - 750,000 gold

The categories are one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, polearms, mixed melee, bow, crossbow, throwable, and last man standing.  Player stats and equipment will be standardized to keep things fair to players of all levels and wealth.  Each category will be fought with light armor and helmet only except for mixed melee and last man standing.  The one-handed category will allow the choice of an axe or sword (no shields here), the two-handed category will only have a sword available, the polearm category will focus on your abilities with a spear or pike, the archer category will use regulation bows and arrows, the crossbow category will only allow the use of crossbows and bolts, the throwing category will provide you with either javelins or throwing daggers, the mixed melee category will allow your choice of any tournament melee weapons (excluding javelin melee mode Tongue), your choice of light or heavy armor, and *does* include shields, and the last man standing category will pit all registered contestants against each other with their choice of any previously listed tournament equipment.  We are planning on having a practice server up by the 29th to give you at least one week before the tournament starts to prepare with the regulation stats and equipment, but it may be up sooner.  I will update the first post and make a new post on this thread when this server becomes available.

The tournament itself will span Friday the 5th through Sunday the 7th.  This thread will be updated with point leaderboards at the end of every day, and the champions of the tournament will be announced on Sunday.  Each category is expected to take approximately an hour and some stretch time is allowed between the different tournaments.  Hopefully this will work out, but if not any spillover rounds will take place on Sunday after the regularly scheduled categories.

Friday: bow, crossbow, throwing
Saturday: one-handed, two-handed, polearm
Sunday: mixed melee, last man standing

Event Countdowns

The EU brackets will begin at the following time each day:
18:00 GMT (British Standard Time)
19:00 CET (Central European Time)
20:00 EET (Eastern European Time)
10:00 PST (Pacific Standard Time)
13:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time)

The NA brackets will begin at the following time each day:
22:00 GMT (British Standard Time)
23:00 CET (Central European Time)
24:00 EET next day (Eastern European Time)
14:00 PST (Pacific Standard Time)
17:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Point Leaderboards
Grand Total
sH0cK - 18
Angar - 13
Shark_Rider - 11
Alphaa - 7
Sebboh - 6
Katarak - 6
Daedra - 6
TH_Sigmar - 5
ilya2016 - 5
Blade - 5
Rex - 5
Faravin - 4
Terath - 4
Nka19 - 4
Lone_Wolf - 3
ItzZocki - 2
Sigolo - 2
Stockfisch - 2
Lophorius - 1
Moontoor - 1
Rilvenar - 1
Krex - 1
Bartus - 1

Angar - 7
Alphaa - 7
Sebboh - 5
Nka19 - 2
Daedra - 2
Sigolo - 2
Shark_Rider - 2
Stockfisch - 2
Lone_Wolf - 2
Rex - 2
Lophorius - 1
Moontoor - 1

sH0cK - 18
Angar - 6
Shark_Rider - 5
Terath - 4
TH_Sigmar - 3
Rex - 3
Daedra - 2
ilya2016 - 2
Katarak - 2
Lone_Wolf - 1
ItzZocki - 1
Rilvenar - 1
Krex - 1
Nka19 - 1

Blade - 5
Faravin - 4
Shark Rider - 4
Katarak - 4
ilya2016 - 3
Daedra - 2
Nka19 - 1
ItzZocki - 1
sebboh - 1
Bartus - 1

Please only post your applications to the tournament on this thread.  Any questions or concerns can be raised on this thread:  
Please read the FAQ before posting.
Hope to see you there!

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