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OLd Players Back? - Sir Baron - 12-01-2018

So I decided this would be the best way to find out...
How many players have come back to the game after more then a few months gone in the last month

RE: OLd Players Back? - ON_Glenn - 12-01-2018

Maybe baby.

RE: OLd Players Back? - Carpra - 12-01-2018

Ya, I have. Don't know for how long tho.

RE: OLd Players Back? - captain_floofy - 13-01-2018

I am one of these.

RE: OLd Players Back? - Mean Mr. Mustard - 13-01-2018

Came back, saw that nothing had changed, not sticking around. Game is gamed out at this point, really -- part of the side effect of having a realistic player-based economy. By the time you achieve significant progression, Bannerlord will be out.

RE: OLd Players Back? - Rezev - 13-01-2018

Can't say that I'm vet; but after long while I'm back ^^

RE: OLd Players Back? - Kaasovic - 13-01-2018

I am back

RE: OLd Players Back? - Irolltwenties - 13-01-2018

I'm back playing your Mom.

But seriously... ya I've been playing a little.

Please no ban.

RE: OLd Players Back? - Disco - 13-01-2018

(13-01-2018, 01:19 AM)Kaasovic Wrote: I am back
he back

RE: OLd Players Back? - JackONeil - 13-01-2018

Back from long time...I quit playing 2015 and came back end of 2017