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New EU Servers - Kip - 16-04-2018

Hello everyone,

We have moved the EU game servers to a new host in France (the old one was in Germany). Our previous host has been having off-and-on reliability issues for some time now and this was causing some problems for some of our community. In addition, the machine provided by the new host has newer, stronger hardware than the previous one so we hope to see improved performance for everyone.

Things to note:
  • If you are using the favourites list in Warband, don't forget to update it with the new servers.
  • If you have any issues with the new servers, please let us know.
- Kip, Naozumi and the NI team

RE: New EU Servers - [UK]_Zocki - 16-04-2018

R.I.P German Servers :,(
RIP 20 ping now 25 xD

RE: New EU Servers - Sudoku_killer - 16-04-2018

oh la la !!
cest genial

RE: New EU Servers - Leandero - 16-04-2018

Nice, hope this resolves some of the rubberbanding during cav at times too Smile. Don't like that I have to set favs again on 16 chars though. Going to try editing %APPDATA%\Mount&Blade Warband\profiles.dat a bit to see if I can find a way around that Tongue. Figuring this out probably takes more time than setting it manually, it seems to record some details about the servers in fields I can't edit.

RE: New EU Servers - Kaasovic - 16-04-2018

You need a binary editor like 010 editor

RE: New EU Servers - Berkay - 16-04-2018

Old ping 80 new 110

RE: New EU Servers - HorrorDeath - 16-04-2018

Old Ping 20 new 40.
Performance on Cav_EU1 is awful.
I have a huge latency in every action, compareable with the one I had on au before.

RE: New EU Servers - [UK]_Zocki - 16-04-2018

My Ping is till now better as before Smile

RE: New EU Servers - Stockfisch - 16-04-2018

How can i delet the old eu servers from my favourites list?

RE: New EU Servers - Corrndog - 16-04-2018

(16-04-2018, 03:04 PM)Stockfisch Wrote: How can i delet the old eu servers from my favourites list?
There's a Remove from Favourites button. Below the server list.