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1.9.6 Client Release - Winter - 25-04-2018

Hello NI community,

This patch reworks the lengths of estocs, Legioannaire stats, some minor balance changes, and several bug fixes.

Legionnaire Stat Changes:
  • Throwing WPF +50
  • Power Throw +1
  • Ironflesh -2
  • Athletics +1
Item Changes:
  • Brigadine Plated series -2 weight
  • Dwarf Axe -5.5 weight, +4 speed, -3c
  • Aged Estoc - length set to 117
  • Steel Estoc - length set to 127
  • Elegant Estoc - length set to 134
  • Pride - length set to 134
Model Changes:
  • Harbinger remodel
Other Changes:
  • Dreaded War Pick image no longer white
  • Abbreviated the skip prep time vote confirmation
  • The "vote to skip" banner changes after you vote
  • Changed the voting key from Z to numeric 1 for better international support
  • Redesigned scoreboard for better long name support
  • Name tags display correctly
  • Shrines repair all equipped shields, not just the one in-hand
  • Adjusted the "replace items" button to allow another attempt
  • All Heavy Barricades have no window (including the pre-placed scene props)
  • Renamed The First Defence and The Forgotten Bay to First Defence and Forgotten Bay
Scene Updates:
  • Fortress Under Siege (barriers, ai mesh, aesthetic fix)
  • King's Castleyard (barriers)
  • Nordic Village (new construction)
  • Swadian Bay (removed horse trough)
  • Swadian City (barrier fix)
  • Swadian Outskirts (aesthetic fix)
  • Swadian Overgrown (aesthetic fix)

RE: 1.9.6 Client Release - casual - 25-04-2018

no idea if it's from the update but Rag NA1 is set to open field atm, so it probably got back in rotation somehow.

RE: 1.9.6 Client Release - Kip - 25-04-2018

Ah, I forgot I need to regenerate the scene rotation due to the two name changes. I'll have that sorted soon.

Update: All the configs have been regenerated and the servers restarted (except for NI_Ragnarok_EU1 which has player on it and will auto-restart in about 45 minutes).

RE: 1.9.6 Client Release - Rain - 25-04-2018

[Image: F6DA8888EA0F716CEA27E54D2BCFBED9A0D73ADA][Image: 91F1DD8865181D163D4FDC744FCD5477CF98E3A2]
Only 1 archer was spawned for 2 players avery wave. also "Respawn items" decrease death count.

RE: 1.9.6 Client Release - Kip - 25-04-2018

I believe the negative death bug in the respawn items function is related to a number of other bugs that have cropped up. A fix is in the works.

Update: The fix has been rolled out to all the servers - no downloads necessary. This should take care of all the bugs reported here so far. Let us know if there are still problems.

RE: 1.9.6 Client Release - Woody - 25-04-2018

5 tomes on au normal

I was the only tome bringer


RE: 1.9.6 Client Release - Xen - 25-04-2018

Hey, that's pretty good.

RE: 1.9.6 Client Release - Katarak - 25-04-2018

RIP my lovely Legio. 6 Ironflash its a T4 now.

RE: 1.9.6 Client Release - Woody - 25-04-2018

(25-04-2018, 04:47 PM)Katarak Wrote: RIP my lovely Legio. 6 Ironflash its a T4 now.

That's my man rebel against a buff

RE: 1.9.6 Client Release - Katarak - 25-04-2018

Its not a buff! It was the perfect class. It didnt need better throwing it was still good enough and for that makeing it to a T4.