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1.9.8 Client Release - Winter - 01-05-2018

Hello NI community,

This patch, in addition to fixing various bugs, introduces a rework of bolts to make them more directly comparable to arrows and follow a more linear progression.  Ammo count was reduced to make up for the large amounts of damage they do and to coincide with the drastically lower rate of fire of crossbows compared to bows.  This indirectly nerfs repeater type crossbows, so they received some extra accuracy to help make each shot count.  Please keep in mind that although some of the damage changes on the bolts look large, crossbows do not have their damage multiplied by WPF or Power skills like other weapons.

Item Changes:
  • Battle Honed Legacy secondary mode +1p
  • Cursed Black Arrows +1p
  • Defender Helmet +1 weight, +2 armor
  • Royal Helmet -1.25 weight, +2 armor
  • All Repeaters +2 accuracy
  • Bolts -2p, -20 ammo
  • Steel Bolts -1p, -17 ammo
  • Heavy Bolts -14 ammo
  • Unscratchable Gold Bolts +1p, -21 ammo
  • War Bolts +2p, -21 ammo
  • Bronze Bolts +3p, -21 ammo
  • Damascus Bolts +4p, -21 ammo
  • Dragon Bolts +5p, -21 ammo
  • Onyx Bolts +6p, -21 ammo
  • Rending Bolts +7p, -23 ammo
Other Changes:
  • The Skip Prep Time key is now reassignable as "Group 5" in the Options menu under Controls in order to support keyboards of all types.
    [Image: 866e819a5bb7bc8f78a7f5ed3bbbc474.png]
  • Player health in the scoreboard is marked with %.
  • Surgeon Tables don't break shields any more (round two).
Scene Updates:
  • Hidden Farm (entry point)
  • Swadian City (barriers)

RE: 1.9.8 Client Release - Katarak - 01-05-2018


RE: 1.9.8 Client Release - Kura - 01-05-2018

Good job on the swift Swadian City fix!

RE: 1.9.8 Client Release - Bobo - 01-05-2018

I wonder how this transfers to kill-ability, we'll see in game. Seems a good idea to spread the damage of the bolts wider, they haven't been displaying much difference in real life so far so one could have wondered what to pay money for...
Thanks for good work NI Team.

RE: 1.9.8 Client Release - Woody - 01-05-2018

Nice update thx. Now I have a reason to go to the ammo box on xbow.

Any chance can Pride/all sentry 2hs be given a 2nd mode that buffs P and speed like legacy as atm its only + 2 speed for an animation that's shorter than the normal one. 

It feels useless other than a quick toggle to get into a stab mode.

Swing Damage 66c
Thrust Damage 57p
Length 134
Speed 107
Weight 1

2nd mode
Thrust Damage 57p
Speed 109

Swing Damage 71c
Thrust Damage 55p
Length 145
Speed 101
Weight 0.5

2nd mode
Thrust Damage 59
Speed 103

If you don't want pride to get over 60p with a 2nd mode I'm sure all pride owners would trade some of the normal p to get more cut.

1st mode 68-70c 54-55p 103 speed
2nd mode 58-59p 105 speed

RE: 1.9.8 Client Release - Julianator - 01-05-2018

Thank you for the patch!

RE: 1.9.8 Client Release - carolusx - 02-05-2018


So Black steel daggers isn't usable by legios anymore?


RE: 1.9.8 Client Release - Woody - 19-05-2018

[Image: 0b25a5cb16b67436918e0d647806b064.png][Image: 7f3c511493a44b00797b4a7e66d88b2d.png]
posting for rammy

RE: 1.9.8 Client Release - Nka19 - 19-05-2018

Jesus that's a lot of dmg

RE: 1.9.8 Client Release - Scarecrow - 19-05-2018

50 > 46?