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1.11.4 Client Release - Kip - 24-12-2018

Item Stats:
  • Battle Hardened Tower Shield: weight -2 (0.5)
  • Blessed Phoenix Shield: weight -1 (1)
  • Blessed Shield of Kings: weight -2 (0.5)
  • Battle Honed Dragon Breath (melee): speed -2 (91), thrust 54p to 42b, one-handed animation
  • Cursed Rupterer (melee): speed +2 (95), thrust 58p to 48b, one-handed animation

Scene Updates:
  • Forest Outpost: ground texture
  • Forgotten Bay: bot spawn moved, player camp adjusted
  • King's Reach: bot spawn removed, player camp adjusted
  • Praven: bot spawn added, player camp expanded
  • Swadian Lighthouse: bot spawn moved closer
  • Yalen Retreat: ai pathing

RE: 1.11.4 Client Release - Malong - 24-12-2018


RE: 1.11.4 Client Release - PANDA - 24-12-2018

second the best

RE: 1.11.4 Client Release - Woody - 24-12-2018

Sok is 0.5w and upgraded Phoenix is 1w.

Pride is still 1w vs all 1 hero locked 1h/2hs at 0.5w. It's also still under powerd for what it is if you conpair legacy to pride and exc to stinger. 

Adding as zwei you have so much more hp/amour.

Upgraded Mjolnir should get more weight seeing how other upgrades have done so.

Elegy is arguably still not as good or better than pok. A small buff does not make up for a "ok" 1h mode that's useless 99% of the time.

Pok with a swing and stab mode is just a better playstyle for ni. Ether give Elegy a good buff or just give it 3 modes if that can be done.


RE: 1.11.4 Client Release - Łíťțłĕ_ĐēvìĹ* - 24-12-2018

Cursed Rupterer (melee): speed +2 (95), thrust 58p to 48b, one-handed animation
Thanks for this)

RE: 1.11.4 Client Release - Woody - 02-01-2019

looking at the available upgrades I found 2 things.

[Image: 199a7e1439697e4c7341cd11a98ee48c.png]

Tower should be lvl 30... etc

Battle Hardened Vigilance crafting cost vs Battle Hardened Tower Shield

RE: 1.11.4 Client Release - Woody - 14-01-2019

1. Upgraded Armours from the armour class's should get a buff in Damage Reduction. If that be 2% or 10% that's up to you

2. Not the best match but I have both. Wrath (P) should be the same as Exc and upgraded Exc.

[Image: 7f7688cb36e82d2e00e0ae4f048969e2.png][Image: 40718e2f3b3a789f5038d62fb2f0c061.png][Image: 3c29be18b8aa04dbeb06d4e0ba53329d.png]

3. Last is in Cav Inf and Pikeman should get extra Hp like how Inf does in Rag and Hard.