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WTS Sun Glaive, Tome - Green_Dragon - 07-03-2019

Cash preferred as I have none! Big Grin  Offers should be around 2.8m for the pike and 850k for the Tome.
I might accept a part of the payment in/at these mats and prices:
Heavy Cloth - 1k
Wolf Teeth Necklace - 0.6k
Bear Fur - 6.5k
Water of Hvergelmir 8k
Also I'm looking for all sorts of Heavy Bear.

The pike is locked for Pikeman.
Here are the stats:
Weight: 2
Speed: 96
Length: 177
Swing Dmge: 65
Thrust Dmge: 49

PM if interested.

RE: WTS Sun Glaive, Tome - Green_Dragon - 13-05-2019