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Map Updates - 20/10 - Naozumi - 20-10-2020

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying the recent rate of map fixes because... the latest map updates are now live.

This release see ten maps updated, with upgrades to some and bug fixes to others.

And, as is becoming fairly routine now, the next map test event is Friday (see the official events for more information).


RE: Map Updates - 20/10 - Julia. - 20-10-2020

Please keep in mind that - as usual on official events - you should be there 15 mins earlier, as that's when I'll be moving people in the event channel.

RE: Map Updates - 20/10 - Bobo - 26-10-2020

Thank a lot for the map improvements. Some are even difficult to see while some others are a nice addition at first glance. It is good to make changes (not even necesserily improvements)) from time to time to avoid ppl getting bored with things looking the same every time. Cheers!