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RIP Balder - Naozumi - 31-03-2022

The current gameserver, called Balder after the Norse God, is being shutdown. This server, which has hosted the NI gameservers in the EU for nearly 7 years has been deemed too difficult to maintain so the hosts have decided to discontinue it.

This has prompted some soul searching on my part as to whether or not this would be the logical end for NI, or even just my participation in it. But, I can confirm we are in the middle of migrating to a new server. NI lives on.

Unfortunately, I have been ill this week and unable to complete it as yet, so anticipate a small amount of potential downtime as we complete the migration.

Apologies for this, but don't worry, NI isn't going anywhere just yet.


RE: RIP Balder - Flavius_Zeno - 31-03-2022

Hope you get well soon, and thanks for your continuous support of NI!

RE: RIP Balder - Nka19 - 01-04-2022

Thank you for dedication! NI's always good place to come back to, even after a long break. I'm currently enjoying it every now and then again after long absence Tongue

RE: RIP Balder - CzechNorris - 01-04-2022

Thx for all! Get well Nao Smile

RE: RIP Balder - Akinaxis - 01-04-2022

get well soon nao.
thanks for all the work you do
and balder was a good working server.

RE: RIP Balder - Sebas - 01-04-2022

Thanks for the update Nao and hope you are feeling better soon!

RE: RIP Balder - iMarc7 - 01-04-2022

Thanks for the information and get well soon! Take your time.

RE: RIP Balder - Zoger - 01-04-2022

Thank you very much for the info and all your hard work :3

RE: RIP Balder - Kriegstofu - 01-04-2022

i'm really glad that the servers are down for real and this is no stupid april fools joke
thanks for not doing that Smile

RE: RIP Balder - makk - 01-04-2022

Thanks for your dedication, we will be patient so please, take care of yourself.