Sell : Fang | Ags | Ragnar's Wrath | Steel Stinger | Eastern Blade | Aurora Blade
All stuff I have to 0ffer/Selling 

Maybe - Noble Bastion -  8m gold / 10m stuff
Eastern Blade - 27m gold / 30m stuff
3 x Aurora Blade - 9m gold / 12m stuff
Ragnar's Wrath - 9m gold / 12m stuff
Steel Stinger - 11m gold / 13m stuff
Leather Overmail -  18m gold / 22m stuff
Knight Helmet - 11m gold / 13m stuff
8 x Griffon Bascinet -  ?m gold / ?m stuff

Maybe - Fiendish Bow - Idk
Ancient Greatsword - a lot
Fang of Fenrir - 18m gold / 22m stuff
Dragon Axe - 5m gold / 7m stuff

Dark Heavy Steel Greaves - 1m
Black Armour - 4m
Arming Helmet - 2m
Ebony Bow - 2.75m
Swadian Gauntlets - 0.5m

Want More than Other's = 
No offers will have gold in it. 

Defender Gauntlets****
Dark Gothic Gauntlets*** 
Ullrs Bane***

Reinforced Half-Plate
Swadian Resilience
Swadian Studded Steel Shield
Gold Lamellar Armour
Tracker Armour
Royal Sniper Armour
Obsidian Daggers

Royal Shield
Swadian Heater Shield
you should PM (private message) him
"Live long, and pawspurr"
(07-03-2017, 11:49 AM)Flawless Wrote: Hey i wanna buy tracker body armor i would offer open salet helmet SS bow + 1mil gold

Na I'm good
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