Email Issues & Funds
Hi all,


As some of you may have noticed, there has been an issue with the forum emails.

Simply put, the issue is too many emails. The email hosts blocked the account for the volume of email.

I have therefore moved the emails to a new provider however their free tier is rather limited. As such, all subscriptions to posts and PM notifications have been turned off. I should be clear - you can still chose to receive and email by specifically changing your settings but if I still see more issues I will have to disable this completely.

If you have been trying to reset your password or activate your account and you have not spoken to me, then please request a reset again now or contact NI on discord and I'll have a look for you.


The alternative option is that we use a service paying for the emails we send, through Amazon SES or similar, however NI donations do not cover the NA & EU game servers* as it is and I don't want to add yet another bill that I personally will end up having to pay. For reference, there have been around 5 donations this year, excluding AU and China for around 100 euros. This is the cost of 1 month of game servers. The web server is not included in this cost.

*The AU servers are directly paid for by AU players, and therefore not totally relevant & the Chinese players have covered all costs associated with their server every month - a very big thank you to them for that!

So, two things please. Be sensible when asking for email updates from the forum and please, donate - please help me keep NI alive. And, if the donations are sustainable then we will use a paid mailer - and you can have all the emails you could ever want!

Slowly being bled dry by NI... Please help me and donate!

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