VLKA Fenryka || [Selective recruiting] + [ Level 50]
So to all VLKA members, this is an update on the way the bank stuff works as requested by more than 1 person/group.  

Bank list --> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...1690328448

Each member/shop can pm either Me, Disco, Coco, Scarecrow for what they will want to use from the Vlka bank in order from most wanted to least. - Max 3 

You will also be given the option to list other things you may want (can be in order up to you) as if you don't get 1-3 "top" things you said we will still have a list of stuff you would want. 
Also if no one asks for it you can use it and it's not going to count as a top 3 you picked.

We plan to reset who has what each idk maybe 3-5 weeks so people don't get stuck using shit when others get good stuff forever. Would also stop afg people getting stuck with gear when other active people could have it. 

For people/groups that get eg rups don't think you will get it the next time even if you put it at (1). I want everyone to have a go at everything, not just 1 person.

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