Trading Center

Our latest web feature to get a rewrite is now the Trading Center.  Changes have been made which should help to streamline the day-to-day task of trading items and materials between friends and your own characters.
  • Trade invites can now be accessed from the left navigation menu no matter what trade you are currently looking at.
  • Trade invites can be sent by character name as before or by character id to prevent problems when two people in the same house have the same name.
  • Trades between your own characters do not require you to accept both sides.  They are both your characters after all.
  • If you "Add" a negative number of items to the trade, that many items will be held back.  (You have 10k gold, add -1k, 9k will be in the trade.)
  • Open trades can be closed entirely.  A message will be sent to both characters to record this.

At some point, I plan to also include a history of recent trades so that you can have a record to look back at.  I don't want to put an ETA on it yet, though, since there are still a few details that need to be considered first.

As with any rewrite, there are likely to be a few bugs lurking.  If you find any, report them to a developer and do NOT exploit them!  If it is more than cosmetic, report via PM.

If you see something that could be simplified or improved without too much trouble, feel free to suggest it here.  (Otherwise, the feature request board would be better.)

- Kip

P.S. The "improved trading infrastructure" allowed a delayed Christmas gift to be delivered!  Everyone who has played on a server since December 1st will find some Hardened Metal in one of their characters.  (One character per account.)
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Thank you!

The HM is nice as well  Wink
Awesome!  Thanks so much Kip!  Now we can can get rid of those open trades from people who no longer play!  And thanks for the HM!
Add Trialsking in steam for trading.
Thanks for the HM! Let's all Yell Thanks!
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Thanks! now i don't have to kite for hours Smile
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GJ on flooding the market with hardened metal, let's hope the prices go down now. [though some people are still trying to sell what they just got for the same inflated price]. Anyway ty c:
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This is what I have been waiting the most for. These open trades with AFG people just annoyed me too much. Thank you very much for the great update and the HM ofc!!
Keep the great work up!
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thx for the HM and the new update it's amazing Smile
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Thank you.  This is serious quality of life improvement.

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