Introduction to Trading

See our Wiki for the full rules.


WTB - Want to Buy
WTS - Want to Sell
WTT - Want to Trade (generally an exchange of two items)


For your own good, do not accept your side of the trade until you are happy with the other person's side of the trade. If the trade is changed in any way, both sides will need to accept the trade again. This prevents one side from secretly changing the deal.

It never hurts to keep a log of any agreements made during the trade in case there is a dispute later. For most standard trades (not loans or donations) this is not an issue.

Too keep the boards from getting flooded with post after post, you may have one of each post type (WTB, WTS, and WTT) in each sub-board.  If you have multiple offers under the same category at the same time, please group them together under one thread.  Alternately, if you aren't in any rush, you could wait for each trade offer to close before moving onto the next.

If you would like to "uncraft" an item (trade it to someone who has all the materials ready), please post that in the relevant part of the Crafting board
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