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All stuff I have to 0ffer/Selling 

Maybe - Noble Bastion -  8m gold / 10m stuff
Eastern Blade - 27m gold / 30m stuff
3 x Aurora Blade - 9m gold / 12m stuff
Ragnar's Wrath - 9m gold / 12m stuff
Steel Stinger - 11m gold / 13m stuff
Leather Overmail -  18m gold / 22m stuff
Knight Helmet - 11m gold / 13m stuff
8 x Griffon Bascinet -  ?m gold / ?m stuff

Maybe - Fiendish Bow - Idk
Ancient Greatsword - a lot

Dark Heavy Steel Greaves - 1m
Black Armour - 4m
Arming Helmet - 2m
Ebony Bow - 2.75m
Swadian Gauntlets - 0.5m
Elegant Hafted Axe - Idk

Want More than Other's = 
No offers will have gold in it. 

Tower Shield*****
Dark Gothic Gauntlets*** 
Ullrs Bane***

Reinforced Half-Plate
Swadian Resilience
Swadian Studded Steel Shield
Gold Lamellar Armour
Tracker Armour
Royal Sniper Armour
Obsidian Daggers

Royal Shield
Swadian Heater Shield
Bring back bump

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