Clan Cameron [EU/NA] lvl 32+
(08-04-2012, 04:42 PM)mashu link Wrote: Applying to join here.

Name: Mashu
Class: Heavy Crossbowman
Level: 15
Profession: Blacksmith lvl. 4

Been playing a fair bit, thought it was about time to join a house.

Application accepted, allways good with another xbow.
I'll send you an invite at once, please remember to change your name to include the CC_ tag - and also change your banner to Clan Camerons: It's on the first page of banners.
Yeah hi there.

Char: Durska_Ottoman

LvL : 38 Seargeant COmmando ( Just 1 lvl WOooot  )  ;D

Activity : 24/7 ^^

From : EU ( Living in Germany)
For the Emperor
Hi, i would like to join
Char: Darasik
Lvl: 14
Class: Archer/Infantry
Activity: very active
Fomr EU (Denmark)
Sounds good, the both of you!
Will be great with another commando, and you'll get there too, Darasik Wink

Invite sent to both of you.
Filthy has a key for PoE and taripenis doesnt show up.
Erm, JOPO, what are you talking about? Maybe in another forum? :p don't see the relevance of another game in our house's thread.
Anyways , im in the event thingy aswell Big Grin
can i join im that sniper and heavy inf guy that asked u genocide and omnicide >:3
Yeah sure, we can allways use more t4 players!
Invites sent to omni and geno Smile
Our house will be participating in events from now on! We will try to get as many members online as we can, and Clan Cameron now has a new purpose: Making sure our semi-active members know about events aswell as the members who check out the forum on a daily basis Smile

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