Swadian New Year Tournament
Account Name: Daedra
Categories: All EU
Account Name: Lone_Wolf
Categories: All EU and NA
Legendaries looted:
• 07.11.2013 - Durendal
• 28.02.2017 - Thanos Legacy
• 05.03.2017 - Ornate Arming Helmet
• 05.03.2018 - Ailadrodd

[Image: v1.png]
Account Name: Krex (I guess?)
Categories: All EU, All NA on friday/saturday as long as they don't collide with the EU ones
26.08.15-Fang of Fenrir

Krex -> Legio
KrexWarden -> Warden
KrexPavise -> Pavise Champion
KrexMP-> Master Peltast

[Image: NqiKO60.png]
Account Name: Fateeh
Categories: All of them
Hello my name is Fateeh
Im not Fat
Hello my name is Fateeh
Im not Fate
Hello my name is Fateeh...

Loots :

`` Aurora Blade ( 08.17.2016 ) - Prince
Account Name: Swaliant
Categories: All of the EU categories.
Less talking, more raiding!
Account Name: Lophorius
Categories: All of EU and NA
"Hi butiful, open cloth pls. show vagenebond helmet" - Kaasovic
"I'm selling of thinking my DBs" - Blame

Legendary Drops:

Hurricane Bow - December 2014
Naval Glaive - February 2015
Illustrious - October 2017

Account Name : The Russian
Categories: All EU

ima get my ass kicked but why not
Account Name: ilya2106
Categories: All EU categories
[Image: steam_16.png] ilya2106
Account Name: ItzZocki
Categories: All EU and NA categories
Legendary Loots:
-And ähhhh Nothing

Dear Nord Invasion God, pls give me a loot Big Grin

[Image: 76561198123009988.png]

Winter: Zocki you looted a Thunder Pike, why you not saw that?
Zocki: Wait what omg lol....
Zocki: Oh Winter stop Trolling me theire is no Thunder Pike...
Winter: *laugh*
Account Name: Skan
Categories: All EU and NA categories

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