Make Bulwark usable on Pavise.
Baron go look up false equivalency fallacy.

You're also assuming the game is perfectly balanced now. Then they should remove you as admin and move all the Devs to retired save one to do maintenance. Just because you moved one shield from Commando locked to Hero locked Commando and PC doesn't mean you need to remove anything from RG or anyone anywhere.

I really am surprised by this whole thread honestly. I made a suggestion to add one orange shield to be usable by the second best shielding class. One shield. No nerf calls or crying. Add in one line of code. PC has more shielding than Commando (T4), Legionnaire, Juggernaut, and Zweihander.

Sorry it still makes sense to me. I guess just lock it or delete it.
I am trying to tell you why it is not right now

From what I know from talking to Winter about the update that changed all the locks

The orange legendarys are not meant to fit in at with the end gear but to be a thing on there own
Hence why they are tier 4 and not hero locked

If you look at the orange legendarys with out a glance at the red they are well balanced (Ignore Pike)

Now why is it bad for Infantry to have a few shields that PC can't use if Xbow has a few shields RG can't use?
That is what I want to know
That is all I am asking
Tell me that and I will leave
I never said it was bad? That's fine to have some shields that are Commando exclusive and there are. It's fine to have PC exclusive shields and there are. It's fine to have some shared shields and there are.

FFS man who made you an admin?
Irish did

And beside the 2 orange shields what one's are commando locked?
The orange set of legendarys in meant to not have any hero locks on them

If you want a change go find the update that messed up all the legendary locks
Then you might now why it's the way it is
I would have made this suggestion: I would be interested in more shields for PC, possibly a house crafted that isn't shared or an orange legendary.

But I don't have a model and a texture to offer. So instead of just being like you should do this make this for me, I thought I would suggest something easy and quick.
Thank you for your suggestion.

We will not be making Bulwark usable on Pavise, but there are plans to give Pavise more of their own shields.

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