Official NA Event January 23rd
I am hosting a Official NA Event on Tuesday January 23rd

8:00 PM EST
5:00 PM PDT
12:00 AM GMT
1:00 AM CET
2:00 AM EET
12:00 AEST

How to apply?
There is no need to apply, however, people who state they are coming, by posting in this thread, have first right to the event.

All you EU players should really check the time for you this time

Usual NordInvasion rules apply. Remember to have fun and play fair.

I am adding this for the events that I do because it was really starting to be a pain before winter break

If you apply for 2 events and don't show, PM or post here you will be temp banned from the next event I do

I will note this has nothing to do with the Tournaments

Feel free to post in this thread or PM me.

Will have to see at the time what mode we play

Hope to see you at the event!
I want to go. But is it on January 23rd or November 27th? What is 23th?

Will bring Legionnaire with Tome/MSK.

Also is this like an XP event with no loot? Might bring a Commando then.
I forgot to do a full update to it
Should be right now
What is a 23th?
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I'd be happy to participate
Hi, I'm Joseph_Smithy and I approve this message.

Big Grin Big Grin
So this isn't happening due to no interest I take it?
Coming cuz iam NA now
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