1.8.2 Client Release
Hello NI community,

This patch adds some small errors in item stat continuity and prepared for the rest of the future rotations.  Many throwing spears that previously used 1h animations have been adjusted to be used as small polearms instead.  In addition, the tank type hero classes are slightly stronger: Halberdier and Ranger +2 Ironflesh, Royal Guard +1 Ironflesh.

Model Changes:
  • Dragon Axe positioning edited
Item Changes:
  • Dragon Breath, Twigs of Yggdrasil, and Rupturers now have polearm animations and stats when in melee mode
  • Volundr Greatsword -1spd, -1c
  • Ancient Greatsword +4spd, -1c
  • Eastern Full Scale -3 armor, -2 leg
  • Tiger Scale -2 armor, -2 leg
  • Brigadine Black/Red/Heraldic -2 armor
  • Black Armour +1 weight
  • Checkered Heavy Lamellar -2 armor, -1 leg
  • Mangler -5p
  • Ailadrodd -2spd, -5 accuracy
  • Swadian Heater Shield +50hp, recipe adjusted to match Royal Shield
  • Dead Shot +5 accuracy
  • Tempest +10 accuracy
  • Typhoon +10 accuracy
  • Very Heavy Throwing Axe now draws correctly from the left hip when in melee mode
  • Tiger Scale Armour and Gold Lamellar Armour now useable by both Master Peltast and Marauder
  • Dragon Axe and Battle Honed Dragon Axe +6 length
  • Battle Honed Aurora Blade changed to Blessed Aurora Blade
  • Blessed Aurora Blade +1spd, +1c, +4p
  • Blessed Aurora Blade Secondary Mode +5spd, -3c
  • Battle Honed Sun Pike changed to Cursed Sun Pike
  • Blessed Twigs of Yggdrasil +1p
  • Blessed Penetrator -10p, +2spd
  • Blessed Mjolnir Secondary Mode +3spd, -2b
  • Battle Hardened Studded Gauntlets changed to Cursed Studded Gauntlets
  • Cursed Studded Gauntlets -.25 weight
  • Battle Hardened Valsgarde -.5 weight
  • Battle Hardened Gothic Plate changed to Blessed Gothic Plate
  • Battle Honed Dragon Axe -2c, +2spd
Map Updates:
  • Beach Assault (stable adjustments)
  • Kattegat (fixed aesthetic bugs)
  • Nordic Fortress (removed horse troughs and added a surgeon table)
  • River's Conflict (added a surgeon table)
  • Royal Observatory (fixed aesthetic bugs)
  • Senuzgda Cavern (shifted a player spawn)
  • Swadian Citadel (fixed aesthetic bugs)
  • Swadian Temple (adjusted AI mesh)
  • Unuzdaq Castle (the snow has melted)
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(11-02-2018, 05:49 AM)TerrorBite Wrote: first

That's what she said.
a lot of yaya and ow no here Tongue
Mangler -5p wtf?!....
Akanamah - Royal Guard Lv. 52
DoHKuXoT - Master Peltast Lv. 52
Dwarf - Chosen Marksman Lv. 52
Feldwebel - Marauder Lv. 52
Po6uH - Warden Lv. 52
Top loot:
16.11.2015 - Princess Dortea - Bulwark of Swadian
20.06.2016 - Odins Chosen - Durendal
22.08.2016 - Hodur - Black Arrows
09.10.2017 - King Ragnar - Ragnar's Wrath
(11-02-2018, 05:56 AM)Akanamah Wrote: Mangler -5p wtf?!....

ow no.
Upgrading both of the 2 bows, should've done so after the tournament, this might have an effect on the prize chosen.
make -2 or -3p on mangler, them and so 4-5 on the whole server.... Awful update
10\12\2016 - Eastern Full Scale
26\02\2018 - Ironsong

Defender - 23 lvl
Attacker  - 28 lvl
Support   - 25 lvl

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(11-02-2018, 07:23 AM)Custodian Wrote: make -2 or -3p on mangler, them and so 4-5 on the whole server.... Awful update

You have a better chance to say it has the same P and speed as jorm

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