1.8.3 Client Release
Hello NI community,

This patch introduces some small fixes and adjustments, as well as properly updating all of the maps that were supposed to change last patch.

Item Changes:
  • Tiger Scale -2 armor properly
  • Blessed Penetrator +5p, +2spd, +2 missile spd

Website Changes:
  • Added the option to abbreviate xp messages to the website.  (Extras > Settings > XP Message Length)

Previous Releases:
first again

Hope it doesn't abbreviate drops to
You Found 1x Worm...
Vagabond Helmet - 16/4/17
Volcanic Daggers - 6/5/17
Imperial Halfplate - Blue - 13/2/18

best update ever

u sure m8

[Image: 3B76163184F546DDFF2FEAD4ACF669EF30F74E7E]
I don't like the update, we only got half of the Justice we wanted REEE
Legendaries Looted:
-One Handed Battle Axe
-[Image: Geralt]

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