Forum Updates
Hello all,

As you may have noticed, we have been making some changes to the forum.  The biggest change you might have noticed was that the profile layout changed to horizontal.  Sadly, this was infact an error on my part which should now be resolved (sorry).  The biggest changes that were intentional, however, are:
  • The forum is now available over SSL.
  • Embedded images and videos from non-ssl websites have been replaced by links.
What this means is that accessing everything is much more secure.  This has been quite a while in coming and I am glad to see this completed.  As such, we can say that all NI websites are now using https rather than http.

There are a few side affects which will affect certain users:
  • Remote avatars that were not https have been reset.
  • Signatures and posts with images not over https will need to be updated.  This might be as simple as replacing the http with https depending on the image host.
  • We have mass-updated posts and signatures that used some common hosts that support https.
In addition, there will be some more behind-the-scenes changes coming up that will result in some downtime but we will try and keep them to a minimum.

There shouldn't be any other issues but if you find anything then do let us know here and we will do our best to resolve it.

/Nao and the NI Team

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