1.9.4 Client Release
This month's legendary upgrades will no longer be available in approximately 72 hours. Be quick if you want to finish in time!
Yes quick people, give me your Normal trans blue/orange/white if you wanna uncraft for some mats! Or I'll craft them all tomorrow!
[Image: dpcfmq0qegd53mozg.jpg]
Loki Kills: 326
Thor Kills: 308
Odin Kills: 244
Prince Kills: 379
King Ragnar Kills: 244

House Crafting: Support 39, Defender 33, Attacker 30
  Alchemist: Lvl 36
Blacksmith: Lvl 21
Armorsmith: Lvl 32
I want to upgraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!!  New upgrades!!

[Image: latest?cb=20160802222327]

Just do it early please Winter.
New upgrades are available!

The previous round will no longer be available in just over 2 hours, so if you plan on completing one craft quickly!

[Image: 306ee777e6b92a4746dbd78c76a91b7f.png]
[Image: d7cadfd35752ff3b68edb30e3b8a574f.png]
[Image: 9d0a8860cd1b3d53b3fbfc0ea842b1e2.png]
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(29-03-2018, 01:57 AM)Winter Wrote: New upgrades are available!

Only two weapons :/ More weapon upgrade recipes or riot
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