Christmas 2018
Hello everyone,

The Christmas servers are back with the Nords using some festive gear, snowy scenes, and a new Christmas Fortress to defend.

In addition, double xp is in effect across all servers!

The event will continue through New Year's Day.

Merry Christmas!
- The NI Team
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Thanks a lot, for the Christmas work and all the efforts this year.
Merry Christmas to the Devs Team! Smile
Thank you very much! Merry Christmas to all of you too!
"Dedicated Nord Farmer"

Legendary Loots:
28.04.18 Royal Helmet
04.11.18 Leather Overmail
26.12.18 Severance
Legendary Farms:
29.01.18 Fiendish Bow (Proudly farmed, bought and well deserved)
Thanks alot to the Dev team!

merry christmas!!
Thank you to the Dev Team for the nice work these Year!
Merry Christmas!!
Legendary Drops: Volcanic Dagger 8th June 2016


new year new loots Smile

merry christmas
21.04.2018 Dragon Axe
03.06.2018 Heavy Sallet
06.06.2018 Imperial Halplate -Red
Merry Christmas, wish you all the best Smile
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Loke Kills: 321
Thor Kills: 306
Odin Kills: 242
Prince Kills: 379
King Ragnar Kills: 244

House Crafting: Support 39, Defender 33, Attacker 30
  Alchemist: Lvl 36
Blacksmith: Lvl 21
Armorsmith: Lvl 32
Merry Christmas
Don't shoot them or they will die. Tarrod 23/11/2014
Don't suicide yourself. Bradapple 07/01/2015
Oh no! They have A bigger biceps! Tarrod 04/03/2015
"Who would win in a fight? 1 billion lions or the Sun. But But but wait!.. what if they attacked at night?" Greatsword 13/06/2015
Oh No! Im not healing!!! *On Thor wave* Bluzark 07/09/2015
Merry Christmas, ty for double xp dev team!
20/1/18 Ornate Bascinet
26/2/18 Tempest
17/3/18 Dragon Breath
18/3/18 Phoenix Shield
26/3/18 Ancient Greatsword
26/5/18 Heraldic Plate
13/6/18 Noble Steel Gauntlets
25/8/18 Ironsong

Upgraded Legendarys:
Blessed Nobel Steel Gauntlets
Blessed Gothic Greaves
Blessed Shield of Kings
Blessed Royal Helmet
Merry Xmas, increase loot chance.
Legendary Loots: 26

Steam: Faravin | Playershop


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