2018 Recap and Upcoming Plans
For starters, I agree with those who say Ragnarok should be heavier. Amen!
And now I'm going to tell those who still refuse to see the problem. You can imagine how sad it is to have enough barricades but not be able to build them. This restriction will cause irritation and anger. Are you saying that the BP is to keep the barricade from vandals? No, vandals are still building them in inappropriate places, thinking it would be better than causing extreme irritation. These restrictions make no sense. If you add each boss in Ragnarok some simple ability, it will become more difficult. Add the number of Nords to each wave. I sincerely believe that this situation should be resolved in this way. Then it will be really interesting and there will be no restrictions in construction. But with these restrictions there is only irritation. Especially upsetting is that some low-level personality claims that Ragnarok passes easily and there is no problem. Of course, when your uselessness is forced to do your team. I will not name any names.
Give the player freedom of action. If restrictions really need to make them invisible to the eye. With the vandals must cope with public opinion or the red chat admin. As experience shows, such visible limitations in the construction cause only unnecessary excitement
Fiendish bow 17
Excalibur 18
Defender Armour 18
Eastern Full Scale 18
Glory 19
Dead Shot 19
Leather Overmail 19
Gloves of Vidar 20
Twigs of Iggdrasil 20
excuse me for my English
I like the idea to make Ragnarok more challenging. However I disagree in part over the means to
get there. The right way is imo to achieve it, having good acceptance for it within the community
at first. Rather than just using one factor, like shields, bot numbers -and strength, invisible barriers
or building restrictions, the right way would be a mix:

-if infantry is supposed to be more vital, there must be choking points where bots amass, but can
be held back and slashed by infantry. On many maps that is missing. Entrances are too wide and
do not permit this.
-too many ranged waves are boring for players as infantry with their current shield and armor stats
can't always pull them effectively. So less ranged waves and stronger melee bots should compensate
that instead of a slowly dying and double peeking team, frustrated about such a waste of time. As
for the cades in that regard, there should be enough to manage the run, only with intelligent cading
in the right spot. One has to keep in mind that the number of ranged and infantry in a team cannot
be deliberately chosen by it in advance. So there must be a good chance to get through a run anyway.
-That shield piercing of crossbows has to go on both sides. It makes infantry useless when it would have
to pull.
-While all modes should be a bit more challenging, it would be a good idea to open up a few round ways
on maps again. Looting has been updated, so there isn't any more chance to loot if only 1 or 2 people
are on a server. Bot numbers in relation to player numbers could be altered and well compensate any other
advantage. I say bot numbers, but I don't mean ranged bot numbers. It's already well enough ranged
bots as any of them have the potential to destroy any kite. Also Assassins are too much and cause  way
too much frustration and time waste in Hard and Rag. While infantry gets more significant, such open maps
could give ranged players additional incentive to stay with NI.
"Dedicated Nord Farmer"

Legendary Loots:
28.04.18 Royal Helmet
04.11.18 Leather Overmail
26.12.18 Severance
04.03.19 Aurora Blade
07.03.19 Illustrious
08.04.19 Sun Glaive
05.10.19 Severance
Constantly HESSing away from my problems.

Legendaries Looted:
Valsgarde Helmet - 20.07.2019
Steel Stinger - 20.07.2019
One Handed Battle Axe
-[Image: Geralt]
Awakened legendaries were also a great feature from 2018! Anyway, any update on this from a previous community outreach post?

(21-05-2017, 07:32 AM)Kip Wrote: For a peek at what is coming next, we have two main priorities for future releases.  One is continuing work on cavalry mode which is still rough around the edges.  The other is a major rewrite of how the website works behind the scenes.  This rewrite is already underway and will allow for features such as the long-desired "unified inventory" across all the characters on your account.  It is still too early for an ETA on either of these projects but we are looking forward to releasing them!
(09-01-2019, 09:58 AM)Ken_Repeaterman Wrote: Especially upsetting is that some low-level personality claims that Ragnarok passes easily and there is no problem. Of course, when your uselessness is forced to do your team. I will not name any names.

Useless low-level personality, standing by.
Never stop being a wonderful human being, Ken, "debating" with you is always a delight.
Especially with made-up quotes where "From personal experience, most Ragnarok runs I've played were successful" becomes "Ragnarok ez"
No, it's not easy. But the hurdle that has been added, aka "be just a bit more carefull with the 45 SHCs you're allowed to build" is not unbeatable.

Most players have adapted quickly to the system, instead of insulting your contradicters on the forums, you should do the same.

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