My first Report of a player ever actually. But I felt an entire Hard run of not helping or just plain out Leeching? Yeah.. I tried to help him along but didn't get a kind response, more attitude.
I cant promise he joined in at Wave 1, no idea! But I joined in at Wave 3 and he was in Early Game. I think around wave 5 someone saw him standing in the back still. That's when I took an interest in him and began to notice him just moving to different places standing still. So once I confronted him, he began to finally "join" the group though not shooting.. So at wave 11 Prep is when I began pushing him more. Who wouldn't that late in the run? I asked other players to shoot him and arrow kindly (So he wouldn't need to use the Hunting arrows..) Which he didn't bother to change. Or bow for that matter..

For someone who "played this game for 5 years" .. He asked nicely to leave him be as he was playing poker on his Phone and could "win big" but i explained it did not matter. Everyone has to do their part and help. So I left him alone more until wave 14-15 to give him a chance to help. But as you see, no kills. And a lot of standing.. At 15 he actually seemed to be shooting! But noticing no kills.. i walked behind to check where he was aiming.. And he repeatedly just shot arrows into the forest in the background. Waaayyy above the enemy Nords. Hope the Sreenshots help. Thank you!

If he's really been here for "5 years" He should know better... If he's new, he should be warned though.
He did write to me now here on forums just before posting this.  "i wanted to make amends to my behaviour eariler -Fluzzer"
But I suggested I post this anyway and asked him to apologize here instead openly.




"don't play with TriGun he might report you"  -  Some random Leecher

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i feel as though this post was unjustified as i was clearly helping in the pics however i do sincerely apologise for my lack of kills in the run.
Please make a admin request next time
Unless it happened more then 30 minutes before you posted this I would have been able to come deal with it
and as for my 5 year in the game hound can verify this
Just a heads up Fluzzer, I've seen you standing around... a lot. Joined on Royal Observatory on W12 earlier and you had 3? 4? kills and still were on that amount on W15 (and I also saw you on multiple other runs with the same outcome).

You never actually stood still for a long time, you moved there and then, thats why I didn't report you yet. Might wanna think about actually doing sth in future rather than taking a spot and just standing around.
I haven't played in months but I still remember that run I had with you where you insisted on doing nothing and insulting people all run...think you got banned for it?
26.08.15-Fang of Fenrir

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unrelated when is dagboy getting his donator role???
Trigun thank you for the report. Fluzzer I am marking this down as a kick. I also notice that you have been Temp Banned in the recent past for not helping the Team. If you continue this way I will issue a Perm Ban.

Also this Thread is not for you to talk about some elses donator statues.

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