1.11.7 Client Release
Thanks for keeping the updates coming.

The string on the new Warden bow seems to be a bit off
[Image: 1A0949B225B6A518A6D30180C11550AE6FF28611]
Edit: Just realized most bows are like this... cant unsee it now
please fix Sad
Thank you for your work and the new items!!! Smile
[Image: 3u5rWmf.png]
Stuff from this update.

Does Au need an update? 

Where did my damage reduction go on upgraded Def?

Have not checked other armours but maybe it's for all? 

Look like you made normal Glory better than normal Twigs but not better than Rups as Glory will have a better 1h stats. Thank you.

Db, Twigs, Glory and Rups should get the same buffs tho. I don't see upgraded Db on this update at all? 

Throwing stats
+3p +3speed + 2ammo + 2 flight speed + whatever in accuracy

1h stats
+2 speed +4p +4b/5c for Glory 

Things you may of mists or may have forgotten about? 

Convenience wise ill list a few I have or I'm reminded by from this update 1st.   

Upgraded Moj + 1 weight (12)
Upgraded Da + 1 cut (66)

Swadia's Wrath 
It has the same (p) as a house crafted 1h still. 
Rangnars Wrath could be better given its 8 longer so maybe buff the speed by 1 (104 speed) Upgraded (106)?

Buff Malice. 
I can't say how good the 1h should but atm on my upgraded Glory its atm 57c 99 speed and 55p. 
The 55p I think will be good sure but normal Dwp is 55p on swig and it's faster and easier to use. 

Keep in mind I'm talking about the upgraded one as that's what I have to see stats so the normal one is 51p 97 speed and 52c? Not that good of a 1h even with my upgraded one it's about in line with the Swadian Courage...

Malice and Glory 1h should be as good as the 1h stats of Aurora Blade or better. 
Ab stats put it in between Dur/Vgs on the 2h and Dragon Sword/Mortifer on the 1h. 

Glory/Malice is the "bastard" of throwing. Like Ab its stats put it in between Rups and Twigs so 1h mode can be just as good. 

Unlike Ab this is a 1 hero locked item so the argument could be made the 1h mode should be in between Mortifer/Exc. This would put it at Illus or Swadia's Wrath/Rangnars Wrath stats. I'm not going to say it needs to be that good but ill let you make that decision. 

Just as guess here if you go with making about inline with Ab.

66c + 105 speed + 43 long || Upgraded 71c + 107 speed 

62c + 97 speed  + 122 long + 55p || Upgraded 68c + 99 speed + 59p

Could be a bit better or worse given how much (P) it will have + How much you value that in combat given it's not very easy to stab vs using it as a normal 1h.

Other items I've said over the years that still seem weird given other items.

Elegy vs Pok 
Just look on the website... Without seeing the 2nd mode what looks better? 
The upgraded one is 64p 101 speed in 2h and 70p 107 speed on 1h.
Make the normal one 59p 99 speed in 2h and 66p 105 speed on 1h.

Ds/Tp/Sun pike vs Pok 
A normal Pok is almost as good as an upgraded orange pike. Idk if it needs a nerf or the orange ones need a buff.  

Jormungandr vs Pok 
Pok is a "bastard" haveing 2 good modes yet the poke mode seems almost comparable given 55p is the threshold of a lot of bots on hard and rag. 
Not going to say it needs a lot but what I would do is just give it 55p then change the speed to whatever it needs to be. 
Maybe it has the same stats as Pok 55p + 97 speed but it is 100 longer without a slashing mode.  

Legacy vs Dur 
It's not much better in the normal mode.

Rebellion Vs Exc/Steel Stinger 

Ornate Scale Armour vs Imperial Half Plate
Why does it get less weight?

Maybe some other stuff but cant think of it atm.

Just maybe some other stuff I'm not going to say as I'm sure its planed for a different update Wink

Thank you for this update once again!
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We are aware of the script errors. This is being fixed as we speak.
I'll have to look why the damage reduction indicator is not working.

As for the rest -> https://forum.nordinvasion.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=77
No craftable aventurier armor yet? Smile

what could be added is an E or M for spectators to show what support they bring (nice when preparing to join a server)
(13-07-2019, 03:59 AM)Forward Wrote: Leviathan's Helmet. Can't believe this day came.

Heavy Scaled Greaves. Can't believe this day came !!!!!! Big Grin
just checked the item kinds, i will put text in spoiler in case you dont want to see it

''Buff Malice'' Soviet 1939-2019
2018 - Sun Pike   
2018 - Severance 
2018 - Pride 
2018 - Mjolnir 
2018 - Legacy 
2018 - Ornate C. 
2018 - TigerScale A.
2019 - Dragon S. 
2019 - Gilded Bear A 
2019 - Gothic Plate 
2019 - Dark Gothic G. 
2020 - Gothic Sallet 
2020 - Defender Armour
Can we get Heavy Pilums to 1h instead polearms aswell (if they ain't allready)?
Some very nice changes, thanks!

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