Halloween 2019
Hello everyone,

Halloween has arrived once again and with it our Halloween themed servers and double xp. This event would have been brought up sooner but I had been hoping to have NA ready from the start. Unfortunately, that has not been possible. Because the event started so late, it will continue until at least November 8th.

If all goes to plan, the NA servers will be back up during the middle of the event. My apologies for how long they have been down. Shifting to what should be a more stable system has proved a much slower process than I expected.

Happy Halloween and enjoy the event!
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Thanks for your work
No need
(31-10-2019, 07:59 AM)Rain Wrote: Thanks for your work

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(31-10-2019, 07:59 AM)Rain Wrote: Thanks for your work


My 2 cents: I do not like boss choice for this mode. Having only War marshal at wave 15 makes this mode less appealing. I would suggest boss choice for this mode something like:
wave 3: Royal Torturer
wave 6: Siege Captain
wave 9: Nord Prince
wave 12: War Marshal
wave 15: King Ragnar
hard eu 3/4 are still in halloween invasion mode

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