Quest Updates
(12-02-2020, 09:21 AM)Angar Wrote:
(12-02-2020, 03:48 AM)Winter Wrote: Rise From the Ashes:  Removed 500 x Wolf Clan Conscript  -  Starting after the next update, these will be added to the quest when new characters accept it.
Rise From the Ashes II:  Changed reward to 5 x Phoenix Feather + 5,000,000 gold + 7500 faction points

Cavalry quests will come after the next update.

Oh nice those have been removed thank god.. and ofc you Winter Smile)

What was the intention behind removing the old reward for RFTA II?

We'd like to aim away from quests rewarding too many materials at once, and the upgrade materials were considered very large amounts of materials.  The overall gold value was also reduced to bring it more in line with similar quests.
Thanks Winter, you saved some Ballistamen from my moaning Wink
(12-02-2020, 08:38 AM)Woody Wrote:
(12-02-2020, 03:48 AM)Winter Wrote: Rise From the Ashes II:  Changed reward to 5 x Phoenix Feather + 5,000,000 gold + 7500 faction points

How long do you think it will take for someone to do this?

I want to guess 2-3 years but could be proven wrong by someone that wants it badly.

Ehhh... How much gold would you get In the meantime from trying to do this... Partly why I don't take this type of quest that seriously.
during my rfta 1 i got around 25m pure gold or maybe 30, so that 5 phoenix was a nice bonus

also thanks winter for your hard work and time!

make cavalry great again Tongue
Thank you, Winter.

Keep up the good work, keep NI alive.
'Who needs social life if you have double experience?' -yuri
Fair fix for RTFA.

About RTFA 2, I think it's whatever, if Bannerlord will be good there is a chance no one will make this quest ever.
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Apparently NI can't show more than 4 Quests done at the same time, i got the 5th one later while playing with another character (shown up, the money was there already on the first character before, just the message came later). Also thanks Jused for the help!
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Got kills on all my classes got about 200k in about 30mins.
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