Site Update - Register, Recover & Rates
Hello all,

So, following the previous update we have a couple of minor new tweaks to the site.

Firstly, as suggested, the password reset has been made more obvious on the home page and links to the login page where it now has its own section. Whilst the content has always been on the login and registration pages, accessing them was not obvious so hopefully this will resolve some issues.

Secondly, in the "visible" changes, houses taxes have been tweaked slightly. The max debt has now been limited to 10K gold (was 15K), however the tax for dissolved houses (below 1K funds) has been increased to 150 gold to discourage failing to pay your dues. Against this, houses will soon be able to "unbankrupt" themselves soon - code is in progress. There was requests to remove the tax, but we are not going to do this for now. Some other changes are coming that should help increase happiness however.

Lastly, though you will likely not notice, there have been some tweaks to filenames, some minor code & css fixes, the mobile sidebar has been tweaked slightly, and some wording changed on a couple of pages.

Anyway, that's all we have for you tonight and stay tuned for more coming soon!

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thanks for your hard work Smile
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Thank you!
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Thanks for your work. Ability to unbankrupt houses would be great.
(21-07-2020, 11:38 AM)Forward Wrote: Ability to unbankrupt houses would be great.

The Irony.
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Thanks Nao Smile

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