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Server Update: AU is back, CN is enroute
Thanks to some donations from our amazing AU community the AU servers are back online and running!

A huge thanks to our donators who made this possible, and to our host down there who had taken a server snapshot to help us get back up and running faster.

Elsewhere, a huge thanks is also due to our CN community who have also donated to get the servers running again.

Unfortunately, the old server was deleted due to the time that had passed, so it will take slightly longer to get up and running again but it is ongoing and I expect to have this to be completed over the weekend.

As always, thank you to our amazing community who make this possible! I am hugely amazed how quick you have been to get the funds in to get the servers online again!

And if you want to help us keep going, then please consider donating:

Thank you again,
Slowly being bled dry by NI... Please help me and donate!

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