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House of Elite [ELITE][EU][Recruitment Open]
House of ELITE

[Image: rxyEn4D.png] We are a new house on the Nord Invasion module. We are looking for members to play on servers, communicate, crafting and providing events. We will be glad to everyone. Requirements and application form will be lower in the description.
Member Count:
Event Schedule: Saturday and Sunday at 15 p.m. GMT
Professions: ⚒ Blacksmith - Maximum level, ⛊ Armorsmith - Maximum level, ⚗ Alchemist - Maximum level
House Crafting: ⚒ Atttaker - 24 level, ⛊ Defender - 13 level, ⚗ Support - Maximum level
Contacts: [Image: steam_16.png] ilya2106
Communications: group chat in steam
Requirements: Follow NI Rules. Have minimum a T4 class, and support (Heavy Barricade or better/Tome+Healing). Make an effort to attend events. Have TeamSpeak. Using House Tag and House Banner.
Application Form:
Character Name:
Class & Level:
Steam Name:
Character ID: 
[Image: rxyEn4D.png]
Good luck from GoC!
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good luck
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did you got kicked from CC ?
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(01-02-2021, 03:18 PM)Loxos Wrote: did you got kicked from CC ?

No he desided to make a house and not even mention to leave CC, until 2 minutes ago when I asked. So all the good wishes ilya, hope it'll work out after what you said you would do.
Good luck
is there a member list somewhere?
Yea, I am wondering aswell!
Legendary Loots: 16
Good luck guys!
Thanks for everyone. Big Grin

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