Legendary Upgrades - November 2021
Blueprints for November's legendary upgrades are now up.

The previous round of upgrade recipes will be removed in approximately 24 hours.

This month's selection will be available through December 5th to make up for the late start.
CC_Warden_Kip | CC_Sentinel_Kip | CC_Guard_Kip | CC_Zweihander_Kip | CC_Marksman_Kip | CC_Pavise_Kip | CC_Peltast_Kip | CC_Marauder_Kip | others...
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Legedary loots:19
Dark Gothic Sallet, Brigadine Plated Red, Leviathans Guard, Severance, Vagabond Helmet, Legacy, Defender Gauntlets, Mjolnir,Leviathans Helmet, Defiance, Vigilance,Tower Shield, Ragnars Wrath, Valsgarde Helmet, Mercy, Volundr Greatsword, Ailadrodd, Studded Gauntlets,  Ornate Scale Armour, Imperial Halfplate - Red, Mortifer,
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Loots: Hurricane, 2 x Thanos LegacyBarbutte with Coif, Gothic Gauntlets

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