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Client Release: 0.6.0 'Retaliation Mode!' - Hypernoma - 23-10-2013

Dear NI community,

We are proud to present to you the next NI update: Retaliation mode!

What is Retaliation mode?
On the 5th of April 2012 cavalry mode was removed from the game. This allowed for further development of the mod to go ahead, pathing the way for new game modes to be implemented, new maps to be created & a new player base to form. Meanwhile, the Swadian High Command has secretly been breeding horses away from the hungry soldiers. To date, 'Operation Lasagne' has been kept top-secret and it's existence only made known to a select few. A bountiful autumn harvest has led the High Command to believe that it is safe to reintroduce soldiers to their four legged friends without fear of the soldiers devouring them!

What is different this time?
The Dev team have gone back to the drawing board completely with cavalry. Instead of being implemented back into the current game it now has its own mode 'retaliation'. This allows us to control what happens a lot more easily without affecting the other parts of the mod.

We have also changed how lances work; they can only be couched now. All stab based polearms over a length of 150 and swinging polearms over a length of 160 are completely unusable on horseback.

All classes have been accounted for on the new mode. You will find that both horse archery and crossbows are much harder to use on horseback; this is intentional.

The new website
The website has been updated to show a 'normal' load-out and a 'Cavalry' load-out these are independent of each other. This means that the cavalry mode equipment will not pull through on the non-cav modes and vice-versa.

Completely new mode
- Tonnes of new and unique bots (we've tried to put in as many donator and otherwise suggested bots as we can).
- Unique wave difficulty scaling!
- 3 New Retaliation only maps (1 is a blast from the past).
- New shrine like prop which respawns your beloved horse.
- Horse trough is back and fully functional.

New Retaliation mode equipment
- 36 New thoroughbred horses introduced into the game.
- Completely rebalanced native horses
- Lances are back! (couchable only)

Classes & Horses
For the reintroduction of Cavalry we thought long and hard about how the balance them so your characters specific class choice will get the most out of the horse. After some deliberation it was decided that rather then applying a blanket choice of horses they would be class dependent.

We now have tiers of horses starting at tier 1 and going up to the max of tier 7. Every horse has been designated a class to cater to your every need.

The new loot
As always there wouldn't be a new mode without some new special loot! We currently have a plethora of items which haven't been seen in-game, just waiting to be grasped from the bosses' hands!

-Q Why does my barricade not work in cav mode?
-A Barricades will not work on the cavalry server because we decided from an early point in development that we did not want this to be another shield wall mode. The whole point of this mode is to enjoy the thrill of couching enemies while just missing their incoming lances.

-Q Will my horse work on normal modes
-A No, but if you do work out how to do it then there will be an interesting surprise coming your way!

-Q How does difficulty scaling work in this mode?
-A All three previous modes difficulties have been culminated into one, for the first couple of waves they are comparable to normal mode, as the waves increase as does the difficulty. By wave 8-9 we aimed for that to be the start of 'hard mode'. By wave 13 it's Ragnarok time!

-Q Are there any secret updates to come with this?
-A There may be a couple!

-Q Why are there only EU cav servers just now?
-A This is unfortunately purely financial but will hopefully change soon

-Q Why haven't you fixed/changed/added X, Y or Z in this patch?
-A This patch has almost entirely been focused on the new game mode. There's a huge list of changes, fixes and additions that will be made in future patches.

-Q Why is this still Warband 1.153?
-A Unfortunately the new WSE has not yet been released but we cross our fingers every day! Hopefully it will be released soon...

-Q What will happen to all the horses currently in the game?
-A All horses that are currently in the game will stay in the game as a thank you to all of the veterans of NI.

-Q How do I get a horse?
-A Horses can be obtained in a multitude of ways. You can buy them from the marketplace, Craft them via the crafting professions, club together and conjure up a stallion with house crafting or even be lucky enough to get one as a drop!

General Additions & Changes:
- Cade proximity damage now scales with modes
- New admin tools! - A post will be made shortly about this on the Admin board.
- Some slight balancing of items (not much, we aim to completely overhaul soon™)
- Super secret stuff we may have forgotten about...
- New maps added (we have 37 now!) including Orik's Scene Contest winner
- 3 starting maps for Retaliation mode, one map comes a bit later. (One very first mod map added back, find out what it is !)
- New scene props
- Massive changes to the website with a few goodies on the way  Wink
- Minor changes to bot AI
- New legendary loot drops throughout all four game types
- Moar rangers!
- Caltrops!

I would like to remind players as a final note that Worm and I removed cavalry from NordInvasion for a multitude of reasons, all of which are still very fresh in my memory. While hundreds of hours have been spent on trying to balance cavalry mode, if I for a second believe that players are going out of their way to glitch or exploit this game-mode then it will be retracted. As always, we are engaged in war with Warband AI so please, do not make us feel that we have misplaced our trust in you.

The NordInvasion updater is available here

The full patch is available here


The NI family

Re: Client Release: 0.6.0 'Retaliation Mode!' - Chris - 23-10-2013

Enjoy guys hopefully our hundreds of hours of work will be worth it!

Re: Client Release: 0.6.0 'Retaliation Mode!' - Nici - 23-10-2013

Yeah!!! Smile

Re: Client Release: 0.6.0 'Retaliation Mode!' - Felix - 23-10-2013

Good work, hope everyone has fun!  Smile

Re: Client Release: 0.6.0 'Retaliation Mode!' - Senni - 23-10-2013

Hehe...and it's not even april..

Re: Client Release: 0.6.0 'Retaliation Mode!' - Victore - 23-10-2013

Looks fun, can't wait to try it out.

Re: Client Release: 0.6.0 'Retaliation Mode!' - Drunken Monkey - 23-10-2013


Re: Client Release: 0.6.0 'Retaliation Mode!' - FF_Skywalker - 23-10-2013

WOW thanks guys Big Grin

buggy WEB - gvn1999 - 23-10-2013

Uuuuum you know that the website is buggy i cant see any classes to upgrade too or something...

Re: buggy WEB - BrokenCard - 23-10-2013

(23-10-2013, 06:10 PM)gvn1999 link Wrote: Uuuuum you know that the website is buggy i cant see any classes to upgrade too or something...
I have the same problem